Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's 1221am

Yes, 1221am and I'm starving ): I had a match just now and since it started at 730pm, and I supposedly had lessons till 8pm, I didn't have dinner ): Skipped lecture + no dinner = dislike. I didn't have dinner on Friday too cause of the match, but thankfully, there was Cheapos supper at Bedok 85. So yay to big bowl of bcm (: I like the Cheapos because they always talk nonsense (:

And Flabby was super nice, he came to pick me up every single day where I had matches or trainings (: Saved me the time and effort to get home from school (((: Super omega lucky I am (:

I'm stuffing myself with Keuh Balu now.. We lost the match to Sheares today because of our screwed-up line up. I won my match with 21-2 for both matches because those girls couldn't play at all. I think I'll be screwed for my next match against TH since I've been playing with these kind of players for the past matches.

I hope my hair dries now so I can go to bed. It's 9am tomorrow ): I dislike MNO, I dislike Korean, I dislike everything now..

If only there isn't school tomorrow ): I think I need a break.

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