Saturday, February 4, 2012


According to Waikit, I've gained much insight these few days on my blog. So I'm here to share with you something named Insight (: Please click on the link and like the page, it's for Andrew's production (:

I was reading Wk's blog, (he finally blogged after really long), and I got reminded of what happened during my Korean class. We were learning about places, and then "Tampines" came up. So in Korean, it's "Tem-pi-nis-"... and we said it so slowly, I burst out laughing immediately. And yeah, the whole class started staring at me @.@

Then after lessons, this girl who was seated next to me suddenly said, "Lai Meng, just now you burst out laughing at Tampines, now I finally understand why".. haha, super awkward after that.

And talking to funny people makes my mood high, and I don't seem to feel sleepy anymore!!! This Saturday started out nice (:

Here to share photos! (:

3rd racquet that I broke ):
At Bedok 85 with the Cheapos!
Macs Breakfast on Sunday because the Dim Sum at Geylang East wasn't open!
:O Who's this?
Bimbo!! (: 
My three racquets so poor thing, sitting at home..
Scoopz! But they ran out of waffle cones so we could only get the ones in the bowl.
A shot from Lebbs' phone. 
Crazy amount of X's for 3304 ))):
Yummy Ngo Hiang and BCM at Macpherson (:
I like this photo. I like the overall feeling but I dislike my face. It's a "nice from far, far from nice" shot.
haha I look like I'm dancing. What a joke.
Oh yay, time for bed. This Saturday isn't a boring one! (: With Chem Engine gathering at Sharon's place and Steamboat dinner at Pat's place w JALJALS. It's a fun fun Saturday :D

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