Sunday, February 12, 2012

For Better Or Worse?

Past few days were great (: Although Austen begs to differ, studying is indeed a good distraction for me at least. He, somehow, insists that studying isn't a good enough distraction and it only causes more misery. Well, on the contrary, studying takes my mind off many many things which could otherwise be very hurting.

There was meeting in school yesterday at 2pm. At around 2pm, I got a call from this random number.

M for Me, and R for random person. The #*(@)$()@# are the parts that I don't understand what the caller was trying to say.

M: Hello.
R: Hello. I'm *#*@$&@. HR #*(%)!#.. at Biz 1.. #@&$(@($(@$* can't find you.
M: (concluded the random stranger is the Indian girl from my group) Oh, I thought we were supposed to meet at Biz 2. The Biz Lounge.
R: #*(@$*&#* Where you?
M: Canteen, trying to find the Biz Lounge now.
R: @*#(@*$(#)@*$(@)#()@*$@) can't find it. $*(@*#($)@ Biz 1.
M: Come to Biz 2. The Biz lounge is at Biz 2!

*hung up*

And the next moment, a message came, saying "sry, can you send a message? I cant hear clearly in the phone"

There are a few reasons why we failed to communicate. The person's accent is really strong and I think the caller doesn't understand what I'm trying to say?

But anyway, the moment I replied, my 2 other group mates came. And the surprising thing was, the Indian girl whom I thought I was talking to was there!!! There are only 3 girls in our group, 2 other Indian girls and me... and when they arrived, I gave Austen and Rashid the "Omgggg, who was I talking to?!?!?!?!" look.

So we went into the lounge, and Jo Hann checked, and we concluded I was talking to the other Tiong guy from my group. Seriously, I was really taken aback when I found out I mistook him for an Indian girl @.@

Anyway, meeting ended about 4pm, then it was studying with Aussie at Utown. We had early dinner at 4plus and the biased auntie gave him so much more noodles, it's so unfair. I ended up having to take some from him, cause my portion wasn't enough for me.

Studied all the way till 10plus and went for Fei Fei :D

Today was church w Lebby's family without Lebby. Then it was Bendemeer Food Center for lunch. And the entire day, they've been asking me about Lebby. "Where is he?", "Is he home?", "Who is he with?", "What is he doing?"

And the answer to all the above is, "I don't know".. I don't know where he is, I don't know what time he finished his run, I don't know whether he's home, I don't know who he is with, and I don't know what he is doing.

So they ask me, "Why? You don't message him?"

And YES, that's true.

He doesn't tell me where he is, he doesn't tell me whether he's home, he doesn't tell me who he is with, he doesn't tell me what he is doing.

So, I'm always tempted to tell them, why not you go ask him where he is, whether he is home. who he is with, and what he is doing, thank you very much.

That is my point, next time if you happen to be with me, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT ask me where he is, whether he's home, who he is with, or what he is doing.

BECAUSE HE DOESN'T TELL ME ANYTHING and most of the time we aren't in contact with each other.


And to make matter worse, when I come home, my parents will ask me, "Why you never go out with Caleb?", "Where is he?", "Is he at home?", "Who is he with?", and "What is he doing?"...

Seriously, I DON'T KNOW!!!

I'll try, try my best to not show the irritated face most of the time. I'll say things like, "Should be at home?", "Maybe out with his friends?" or whatever lame things I can think of to say, but often it leads to, "How can you not know?"


Why don't someone help me ask him why he doesn't tell me all these before you ask me why I don't know anything about him.

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