Thursday, February 23, 2012


First time drawing blood (for health screening, I wasn't donating blood) and had a really epic moment. I went for the health screening and succumbed to the staff's persuasion to do some advance checkup since they were gonna draw my blood anyway.

Did all the usual BMI check, I grew taller by a cm. So, I'm officially 159cm :D And due to the fasting, the weight recorded was 43.5kg (the minimum weight to donate blood is 45kg, so please don't ask me to donate blood thank you). Then it was over to the section where I had to draw blood (my worst phobia!!) and tadah, I totally blanked out and when the person told me to tighten my grip, I didn't hear her at all. And after that I told her I'm really scared of that! Anyway, had my blood drawn, and had to head to the toilet to collect the urine sample.

The toilet queue was long, so while waiting, I started seeing spots and all, and was really on the verge of fainting. Found a place to sit and told the lady beside me that I feel like fainting, and she gave me an "oh, erh" look and nothing happened. Forced myself to head to the toilet and came out.. passed my sample to the person-in-charge and quickly sat down on the sofa.

Had soyabean and 2 packets of chocolate biscuits (super yummy! I koped 3 packets lol) before I felt better! Everyone has been telling me this is normal for first-timers. So yeah, first time drawing blood and I wanted to faint. @.@ Seems like everyone experienced it before.

Today was spent at home resting (my hand still hurts, both my left arm which blood was drawn from, and my right one). Gonna make sure I motivate myself to study later!!!

Monday I went to school for project meeting with Shaun, Nigel and Boon Heng. So glad one project's down even though more's coming up. Stayed in school, waited for Lebbs and went for dinner at Btfc before bible classes.

Tuesday was school with 'Xclusive. Super happy they're all in unis now, it makes meeting up so much easier! :D Kept eating on Tuesday though. Had lunch at Hwang (the Korean restaurant in Utown), and it's surprisingly good. Then I felt hungry about 4plus (wasn't full after lunch), and we went to Koufu for tea break :D Then dinner was at about 630pm. Food glorious food.

Hitched a ride from Austen's car and went to Lor 5 to meet Ah Cai and Colby for supper. Then we went over to Serene Centre to discuss Sports Camp stuff. I was extremely tired by the time we were done!

Wednesday I had to go to school for MNO project. Left school for home after I was done with the project. But went back to Utown at night to study with Artons. Thank God there was Lings to entertain me throughout the 1-2am period. Brain wasn't functioning but he didn't want to leave school yet, so I was stuck in school. But yay to stupid Lings, I was quite entertained (: Best stupid friend, that's her. lol.

Finally got home at 3am and had my well-deserved sleep :D And today was health screening day @.@

Long overdue photos :D

Dropped by with Nigel to the S4 gathering during V day, and the guys gave me this though they barely know who I am (since I was away in bkk on O' week). Those guys in the OG made this for all the girls. Sweet or what?? (:
Jumbled up photos ):

Supper with Cheapos at Chomp Chomp.
Attempted to take everyone, but it turned out like crap ):
Hwang's Kimchi Fried Rice and Ddeokbokki (: 

It was freezing in Utown. And we started watching Running Man after dinner :D
New mustard shorts from TheTinselRack (:
Bishan Circle Line. Oversized shorts makes your legs look skinny (: 
The convo that entertained me for the night :D
Chocolate Oreo Truffle that I made. Looks like crap cause I added too much Oreo and it became a black ball.
Austen tried the Wagyu burger from Mos because Merman kept telling him to. Verdict: Nice but not must try.
Koufu's ytf. Reminds me of the one at NP, but only half as good.
Geylang for supper. The best really :D 
I walked in these for 2 minutes and it broke. Emo x 1000. It was such a nice pair of heels. Cobbler I need the cobbler soon!
Lunch w Lebbs' family after church at Yayoiken (: Mixed Toji set.
Dinner at Ikea. I think they changed their chefs. Their meatballs are now fried and hard and not yummy anymore!!!
 Tomorrow's Korean bbq with 'Xclusive before mugging in school! Gogogo, I need to studyyyy!

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