Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dream High 2

I love it that that's no school tomorrow and I get to watch "Dream High 2" till late (:

Today was a long day with school that started at 9am. It was also a day which I thought of "things that I regretted not doing" because I had to pass something to someone.

Today was a day which made me confirm again how you tend to feel angry more easily if you care more. Somehow if you don't care about it, there won't be any bit of anger or annoyance.

Today was the day I decided that I get irritated with people who keeps messaging me. I'm weird because I'm annoyed when people don't reply me, but I get irritated when people keep sending me messages. Such a dilemma.

Today was House Gathering Day. Nigel and I were "assigned" to get pizza from Upper Deck and by the time we came back, the House Talk was over. So basically, we went there for a free meal.

Today was the day I left my water bottle at Korean class.

Today was the day I have no more water bottles because the one that I left at Korean class was the last one at home. I went back to attempt to retrieve my bottle, but the room was locked and I've no lessons tomorrow so there goes my last precious bottle.

Today was a day I felt like I needed a stronger mentality.

Today was the day I got angry with this particular person with attitude problem.

Today, today, today.

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