Thursday, February 16, 2012

Budget Valentine's

Really glad that Wednesday is over. Every Wednesday, I've Korean test and it's really torturous because Seb and I are really lousy and we always fail our attempts to copy. Today he tried copying my work, so he was whispering, "Lai Meng... Lai Meng.." And I moved my right hand away to sort of let him copy my not very pro words. But after the test, he told me when he "Lai Meng Lai Meng", he wanted my left hand to move away, but my right hand moved away. haha. Copy failed. And last week, I forgot what watermelon was, so I peeped at his and wrote one word. And it turned out that, he didn't know it either and we ended up writing the same one word. seriously, #epiccopyfail

Today's Dream High day again. Annoyed that my cute guy is acting as a bad guy and he likes this girl that I dislike. But stillllll, a dose of Korean drama keeps me alive :D

This year's Valentine's was a budget one. Lebby and I went to the Economical Beehoon place for dinner after my lecture, and we went home after that. Gave him a card (which I think is very nice), and 2 working shirts from G2000. And as usual, I think my drawing skills is good (: (Though my Art is always lousy during Secondary School) If you give me a picture to refer, I'll be able to draw it out. I'm really proud of myself for discovering this talent of mine, though I only discovered it last year or something.

Look. I think my Winnie the Pooh looks pretty decent (:
Okay, super ugly sheep I know. I didn't google for a picture of a sheep, so it ended up looking like this.
Nice quotes that I found (:
Crazy amount of effort done for this! My ink pen ran out of ink, I had to use a ballpoint pen to color!
1 Corinthians 13: 4-8; 13. 
Cover page :D With a popped up heart shape.
Okay, ugly cats too ):
Jue Ying folded a flower for each of us. And mine's the biggest because I'm Lao Lao.
Soe (:

Jolyn (:
(: Missing Ruolan, Hui Ling and Chester.
Watch that Lebbs got me (: haha, bad lighting..
Shawn was proud that he went onto Stomp. But Shawn's super imba, he sends his girlfriend an email everyday, and he has been doing it for the past ONE YEAR! Sonia's comment was, "Worse than doing homework!". And he wrote "I Love You" ten thousand times to show his love. LIKE SERIOUSLY, OWNAGE! 
And no, I'm not trying to promote his love story, BUT seriously, I think he has hit the maximum level for sweet stuff that girls like.

And I just read all the other articles which won prizes. All the sacrifice they made :O

My heels finally came!!! It's super comfy and nice, it's gonna be my favorite pair of heels (:
My clothes also came today. So 2 parcels for me today :D

0145am, badminton got cancelled tomorrow. Sooooo it's free day :D

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