Sunday, February 26, 2012


Having random shots of stress attack, and it kinda feels like snowballs hitting you on your face. I've been trying to send out more resumes for my internship and I really dislike it. It depletes my brain cells really quickly, and makes me really worried because really, no one is replying me. I think my resume probably sucks after A kept insisting I've to write what I learnt, which I didn't.

I haven't touched my books at all for today. Went to church, ate at Ku Ra at PS with Lebbs and family, sent my shoes to the cobbler, watched shows, collected my shoes from the cobbler, tried to send out resumes, failed to send out resumes.. and here I am blogging about how stressed I am.

How now brown cow, sudden attack of stress ): I've to start doing my Korean homework too (another damn stressful thing), and study for my midterms. 

Just a moment ago, I was stressing over whether to go for the Red Bull girl work or go for the sports camp photoshoot. Wasted more of my brain cells and dropped more of my hair, and decided to go for the photoshoot. So I mastered all my courage and told the IC on whatsapp with all the other girls that I can't make it @.@ She's so gonna think I'm irresponsible.. and yes, I'm really worried she would be unhappy ):

So many worrisome stuff.. Now I really got to start on my Korean and study for my midterms. Help!!! 

I wish I could give this expressions now...

But no victorykid.jpg, it's a @.@ expression now.

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