Tuesday, February 7, 2012


107, not a lucky number. It's the number of pages to my readings. For one tutorial, by the way.

I decided it was a waste of paper to print 107 pages of readings, so I ended up staring at my laptop for a whole few hours, scanning through the thousands or millions of words. Multi-tasked and managed to watch tv while reading in between commercials though! (:

It's finally time for me to head back to my bedroom and get some well-deserved rest. So much work left undone, and there's Korean test again on Wednesday ): I'm starting to get really sick of Korean because I've Korean lessons every single day that I'm in school. Note: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Today was a good day though. Spent in town with Annie after my boring matrics tutorial. Had the world's yummiest tako balls from Ion. Really yummiest yummiest yummiest :D

Today was also lao yusheng day. Calbee came over for dinner and missed his own family's reunion dinner @.@

*sudden loss of words*


Let's all study hard together :D

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