Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yup, my useless daily post is up once again! (: I'm cherishing every moment that is left of my holidays, by spamming shows and blogging redundantly. Today I broke my personal best record. I watched 3 + 19 episodes of WGM. Is your mouth :O now?

3 episodes of Leeteuk's WGM including the Christmas Special and 19 episodes of JangWoo and EunJung's WGM. I think the electricity bill for this month will shoot up by a lot with my constant use of laptop.. but it's HappyLemon y'know.

And a few days ago, my desktop picture of Wooyoung disappeared miraculously. So today, I decided to find one with YongHwa and I came across this:

And I realized he's 180cm, quite tall whats! But somehow when he's on shows, he looks a lil short. He's the shortest in CN Blue because the others are 182, 184 and 186?

I think he and MinHyuk looks nice in the photo anyway (:

Tomorrow's Bak Kut Teh + Facial + Dinner w the cheapos!! (:

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