Sunday, January 15, 2012


My rib is hurting really badly now. Left rib. No idea what caused it, but it came when I was playing Jetpack. It's been almost an hour I don't know why the pain isn't going away. I'm trying my very best to type without moving my body, just my fingers. I sincerely pray that it will be gone by tomorrow!

There isn't school tomorrow but I've to go over to Eusoff to settle the hall stuff. And I'll be there till 6pm to wait for Lebby to go for bible classes together. If this pain doesn't stop, I think I'll stay home and be homealized. 

And Caleb thinks I've got costochondritis.

Super jialat. Why like that. Please let it heal by tomorrow. This kind of unknown pain scares me )':
Random photo I saw on fb!

At Yakun with Lebby and family.
That's all. Short post. I feel like I'm going to heaven...

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