Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm soooo hungry now but I'm stopping myself from eating because supper makes your tummy big. I ran at home for 10 mins and did some random exercises while watching teevee and now I'm starving. 

I told myself to read and read today, but apparently I failed. I wanted to read all my textbooks and readings, but I didn't ): Only managed to read up for one module. 

And I gave up and ate my Hello Panda again!

4 photos for this post (:

Scoops Waffle w Strawberry Cheesecake + Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream :D
My awesome Bibimbap from YIH! Really really really good :D
Late night dinner after his work + class in school.
A random photo that I took of MPCC when I was waiting there alone because I was early.
Ohhhh, so hungryyyyy.

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