Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Give And Take

I think I've been complaining on twitter so much, it makes my cny feel really bad in comparison to others. But no, that's not really the case. I'm just very a little affected by my complexion which became horrifying within a day. 

I woke up, changed and decided to put on my usual make-up. But to my horror, when I looked into the mirror, I saw this girl with red spots and rashes-like patches on her face. Half-exclaimed, ran out of the room and told my dad about my face. I was really sad because I only see my relatives once a year, and this had to happen to me on this day ): Complained to mummy about the red spots too, and she told me, "I think it's the side-effects of the medicine".. ): I don't know if the flu and cough medicine really caused those red spots, but I know my face looks terrible now.

It isn't recovering, and I've no idea how to make those go away. The whole time during visiting, I was trying to cover my left side of my face (where the condition is really bad) with my hair. Like 见不得人 y'know. 

But that aside, my cny was actually not that bad. I won $70+ last night from Mahjong (though I lost a few dollars today), it's pretty remarkable. And this is the reason why my blog title says, "Give And Take".. I took money, and "gave" my complexion in return ):

Slept at 3plus am last night because I was watching some random movie on Channel 8. So now to think of it, it might be the lack of sleep that caused the spots. Note to self: sleep a lot today.

And I just looked through Colby Dave's cny album, and he has a cousin named Jacob Elmoflytothemoon and it reminded me of Ryan Gobangwall. lol. How do they come up with such names?!?! So I should be Yip HelloBinnycanflykite or LaiMeng ComeBoxYourself. Okay, I concluded it's difficult to think of a name where people will laugh at, so yay, I'm still Yip Lai Meng. And sorry Colby, I don't mean to make fun of the name, but yeah, it just made me laugh.

Anyway, I was recalling how last year's cny was like, and yeah, I discovered quite a number of differences. Not that it's good or bad, it's just different.

Today the most shocking thing I heard from my relative was, "Wahh, you became very skinny. Last time you used to be fat"...




:O Since when I was fat? I wasn't fat okay. I was just buffed when I used to play badminton. Now apparently, I lost most of my muscles so I'm muscle-less. Not muscleless, as in no muscles, just less muscles? And yes, I still believed I haven't been fat before.

But come to think of it, I think she's the 2nd relative who said I was fat last time. 

FAT. F-A-T FAT ehhh. 

Okay, enough of words..
My CNY nails. Yeah, polka dots again, I know my originality is low. 
Reunion Lunch :D
Abalone, Mushrooms, Abalone Mushroom, Veggie :D
Prawns :D
Cute Panda that I saw at one of my relative's place. I think Pandas are cuteeee. They just look cute even when they're doing nothing hahaha. 
Somehow my face looks round when I'm in the same photo as my bro. 

My relative stays at this row of houses that's olden-day kind of style. Super cool.
And this auntie will always offer me Prawn Crackers every year.
Daddy (: And daddy's super funny, after looking at the photo, he kept telling me that this photo doesn't look like him, and he kept insisting that he doesn't look so old. So cuteeee.
Heeheehee I love my nails.
Effects for IPhone are the best because the effects make my very cui face looks normal.
Mummy and my fat arms. 
A random photo of the view I took from my house today.
Okay, it's time for bed. 12am. Tonight, I'll pray that God will heal me.

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