Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sometimes I really admire this friend of mine. She has this ability to complain like mad, yet nobody will feel irritated with her. Y'know it's like when she goes, "omg, hate this hate that, this sucks, that sucks. why my boyfriend like that", nobody goes, "this girl is so damn annoying". Instead people go, "wow, seems like you had a rough day, so poor thing".

When I go, "omggg, I wanna kill myself now, this sucks, that sucks bla bla...", it just doesn't work the same way like how it does for her. When I go, "Why this like that ))):", people, in general, either ignore me (the thing I hate the most!!!) or jump to another topic. Why do different people get different treatment somehow?

Some people obviously know that I hate it when friends don't reply me and they do it. Thanks so much man.

Another thing is, she has the ability to make people's anger disappear. If you're extremely pissed/angry with her, she'll just whine or joke around and you just feel it's impossible to carry on being angry. Whining obviously doesn't work for me. When I do complain, seriously, people just don't bother replying. So I become more depressed because as I've said, I hate it when people don't reply.

And I came across this on facebook:

I've used it before so I guess this is probably true?

I ate 1.5 pieces of Bak Gua just now because my relative came to visit, and they bought Bak Gua and strawberries and kums. I can feel a sore throat coming hohoho.

Oh yeah, I want CNY to come fasttttt :D

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