Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Different Perspectives?

As usual, this is a daily useless post (: I love how I come home and start watching my show without feeling stressed or worried about school! So relaxing I'm immersed in happiness (:

Went to Ion with Lebby in the afternoon to look for his working clothes and supposedly his belated Christmas present that I've yet to get for him. In the end, I still didn't manage to get him his presents because we somehow digressed? 

Anyhow, it was LLS dinner + shopping in the night (: It's like just happy happy happy yay..

As you know, I'm still hooked onto Korean stuff. Still on WGM, and learning how to sing the "Banmal Song". But as usual, being very weak at languages, even after listening to it for many times, my brain is still slow in processing the words @.@

Oh, and while talking to Tangs and Amberlily just now, I realized different people really have different preferences and bias. It's just like how I hate the girl in "Heart Strings", but Alex likes her. How only I finished watching YongHwa and SeoHyun's WGM, but Amberlily finished JoKwon and Gain's, while Tangs finished Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo's. 

Different perspectives make people feel really different. Like if I tell you, "Hey, my head hurts.", will your reaction be, "Oh no, take care." or "Oh, drink water?", "Oh, sleep?" or "Okay, you deserve it." or no reaction. Of course, if you let me choose, I'll hope the person says, "Oh nooo, take care, drink more water and rest well!". But then again, not everyone is like that. People may just be too lazy to say anything, or they just assume you're ranting and they don't have to reply.

Yup, so it's all up to individuals to say or do what they want eventually. And this taught me a lesson, don't try to impose your own ideas on others? Sometimes what you wish for isn't exactly what that will come true, isn't it? 

So dear friends, even though I keep telling y'all that I hate the girl and I wanna box her and all, I'm not trying to psycho y'all to hate her. lol.

Okay, photos! (:

Punggol bcm for Supper last night (: I likeeee. This is actually near Kovan and it's 24hours (:

Nasi Lemak which cost $6. Famous Nasi Lemak. We ordered Otah, Brinjal, Chicken Drum, and the Ikan Bilis.

Closed eyes..

And still closed. 

All the gifts that Caleb bought back for me from Korea (:

Lebby said Taiwanese play more pokemon because there's Clefairy auto correct in the HTC phone, but not in my Iphone. But I thought even if they really do play, they'll probably play in Chinese?  

Tea Break for us (: I felt hungry at 4pm so I made Lebby eat with me. 

And for your info, don't order the Macha if you eat the set because it's REALLY bitter!!!

Shocked by the "fish skin?" that were moving...

Chicken Sausage Linguine at Pastamania for dinner (:

New top that I bought today.

Damage: Specs + Top.
Time to sleep. I've been sleeping around 1am every night, but it's already 2.20am now :O

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