Monday, January 2, 2012

The Daily Useless Post :D

Done with episode 12 of Heart Strings and Mummy wants me to go to bed because she wants me to play mahjong tomorrow ): I would very much prefer to watch my show instead of playing.

Some photos from Sweat Camp (:

Abram, Jeremy, Ming Kit, Eric, Joshua, Sharon, Me, Caleb & Kim (:

Night Cycling night.

"Punishment" that we had to do for not getting into "Scribal Council".


In the show, YongHwa said, "It hurts because our hands keep bumping into each other.. The problem will be solved if we hold hands." and I went...
Okay, probably not as pretty as the girl, so I think I looked like...

haha. I'm at the sweet part of the show. So I just keep doing this 'put hands to face' action cause it's so sweet (: And while watching the show, I also convinced myself that these things don't happen in reality and it's indeed just a drama.

How can he just forget the girl that he liked and start liking another girl within such a short time. It's all a blufffffff. And she's so unattractive (at least to me) and normal, why would he like her? Blufffffff.

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