Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY Day 2!

Heyhey, I just counted my Angpao money and I've got $356 in total! (: If I include the $70 I won from mahjong, it's $426 this year. Awesome awesome :D

I'm doing a quick update before I sleep! There's Korean tutorial tomorrow so I still have school even though MNO's cancelled.

Today we went visiting at 2 places. And after that, I went for Flabby's reunion dinner over at his auntie's place.

Mummy and Daddy (:
Them with Bro.
And me. 
Bro's lousy photography skills. None of them is looking into the camera.
And another lousy shot.
Me: "Why don't you want to show your face? You hate taking photos?"
Girl: "No, I just like to make funny faces"
"I can do funny faces too!"

They were fighting over the dinosaurs.
Really super cuteeeee :D
Heehee. I'm going to sleep now. Love the little kids :DDD

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