Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm craving for Bibambap after watching it on WGM yesterday! Bibimbap Bibimbap where are you???

On a random note, Daddy's boss has a son who's 39 and unmarried, so Daddy kept trying to be matchmaker these days to help that guy find a suitable girl.

Anddddd, he's a really cool guy! He studied Political Science in London, always gyms (I think he's a member of California Fitness), drives an Audi Sports Car, loves theme park and is very well-built. Plus, he's very rich too. He stays in a Bungalow and has 3 cars at home. Like "wow, so good how come still not married?" hahaha.

Anyway, it's Sunday and most people are starting school tomorrow.. but I'm not ((: This week's gonna be relaxed because Korean only starts next week. So only 4 lectures this week :D Yes, I'm learning Korean and it's so difficult for me. My brain isn't registering the words at all!!! And the worst part, the entire lesson will be conducted in Korean?!?!?!? How to survive? I can't even understand basic words! :O :O :O Panic attack. GHM!

Alright, shall attempt to go to bed early today to prepare myself for school the following day. 

A retarded photo to end the post:

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