Sunday, January 8, 2012

Annyeong Haseyo!

Hello! Piggylebby posted the previous post, I'm not so bhb to the extent that I'll praise myself openly on my blog okay (:

Today (Sunday) is the 2nd last day to holidays! I've no school on Monday :D No Monday blues!!! I had an exciting week. Spent a lot of money, I'm really poor now. But since Lebby's going for attachment, I won't be spending much because I'm gonna have a long distance relationship with him being at Pioneer, and having to check in his phone at the security counter. Nobody to message me during class + no one to lunch with in between classes + no one to dinner with after lessons. So it's gonna be home-cooked food and more home-cooked food.

On Thursday I went for Bak Kut Teh near City Square Mall w Lebby. We ordered a mixture of Spare Ribs + Pork Ribs which cost $7 per bowl. If you order just spare ribs, it's $8, while pork ribs cost $5. Youtiao and Preserved Veg at $2 each and rice at $0.50/bowl. 

Our lunch which cost about $22 (:
Spare Ribs + Pork Ribs combo.

Then it was over to City Square for my facial appointment at 1pm. I signed up for a 3-session facial with Jean Yip ($188 heart break max) since July, and I only just had time to go for my 1st one.

The nice room :D
The facial took about 1.5hr and poor Lebby was waiting for me alone there. Got conned persuaded into buying this sunblock which contains some foundation for $40. Then it was Daily Queen with Lebby to reward him for his patience (:

Blizzard! It's $2.90 for a mini (:
WOW, I accidentally clicked a button and my entire post disappeared! But thank God, when I went back to the Dashboard it's there... if not.. I would have.. don't know what I would have done lol.

He loves taking self-shots. 
Lebby bought a Nixon watch ($269 ><) and they gave him a free Iphone cover. And of course, I benefited from it (:
His "Rubber Player".

We walked over to City Hall from Ion to meet the Cheapos for dinner at Thai Express (:

My usual curry crab rice.
After dinner, we went over to Minds Cafe for board games! Super funny, Lebby kept losing because of his slow reaction time. And Karthi treated us for the Minds Cafe (: The 9 of us went crazy there playing games, I we even tore 1 card!!! People present were Puden, Austen, Shawn, Benho, Yvonne, Karthi, Benny, Caleb and I (: Super funnnnn :D

Friday was Happy Day! Lebby and I went to Kuishin-bo for buffet lunch! (:
2nd time wearing this floral tube dress! Buffet = Wear pregnant dress
Mussels, Clams, Prawns, Tempura, Tako, Crab Mayo, Chicken, Salmon, Sushi, Potato...

Awesome Steak!!! :D
Chawanmushi, mussels, salmon, sushi :D
Desserts!!! Strawberry Shortcake, Macha Mochi, Mango cake, Chocolate Mousse cake, Marsh Mellow w Chocolate, Eclairs, Fruits, Grapes w Chcolate.
Chocolates, Cheese sticks w Chocolate, Small cute cake, Mango Yoghurt, Raspberry cream thing, Peppermint cake.
Poor Lebbs was suffering due to his too-small Toms.
He thinks that he looks like the olden days policeman w the socks! He bought this pair of working shoes because his feet was hurting, and the shoes were on sale (:
My 1732 points flew away with Korean!!!
Using the Nixon Iphone cover (:
Today was Megapraise at Church (:

And I finished my 35 episodes of Jangwoo and Eunjung's WGM. I'm glad I finished the shows before school starts! (:

Time to sleep again (: Annyeong!

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