Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2-day week :D

It's a 2-day week this week because there isn't Korean classes nor Econometrics :D Tomorrow I've school at 9am ))):

Gotta wake up early tomorrow and I don't like it. I was planning to sleep at 11pm, but I failed because I was trying to fill up some form which took me half an hour. By the time I was done, it was already 1030pm and I hadn't bathed. So now I'm waiting for hair to dryyyy.

First day of school today was good (: I had Development lecture at 12 with Nigel. My lecturer, Tiago, is a really really cute man. He's round and just so cuteeee. Love his expression when he smiles, cause it's just so adorable! (:

He finished the lecture in an hour, leaving me with 5 hours of break before my Urban lecture at 6pm. But hung around with Nigel till about 330pm before he left. Then I sat at Central Forum with my lappy (: Sebby came over at about 430pm and he got all excited about some girl from T-ara whom he doesn't even know the name of.

And around 5pm, we spotted Austen, who came to find Ah Cai who was sitting 1 table away. So she started complaining how she sat there alone for an hour without realizing we were just a table away from her haha.

Then it was dinner at Deck before lecture (: Sonia, JJ and Paul are in Urban lecture too. So I was happy lemon with many friends in lecture (:

Hungry lemon is me because I had dinner at 5plus before lecture. I should dry my hair quickly and get to bed!!!

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