Sunday, January 22, 2012

1 Day to CNY

It's Sunday 1.20am. I'm awake because I've been reading blogs. There seems to be a cyberwar going on between bongqiuqiu and Silver. I spent half an hour reading the really wordy post put up by bongqiuqiu last night and somemore, I believed what she said, that Silver was telling so much lies.

Today, I decided to be kpo curious, and I went to search for Silver's blog, but realized there isn't any post written about bongqiuqiu. So disappointing to find no posts on the fight, nothing to read.

It's CNY on Monday, and this year, I've no new clothes AT ALL! I'm a lil sad about not having new clothes for cny, but to Flabbylebby it's no big deal. He told me, "Just wear those old clothes that your relatives haven't seen before" ): Not the same...

I had 5 new dresses for cny last year and I had a hard time deciding on which to wear for the 2 days. This year, I've none and I believe I'll still have a hard time. Though this time round, it will be due to the difficulty in finding something to wear, instead of having a dilemma of what to wear.

I also need to remember to do my nails tomorrow. It's in a horrible state now because I'm so lazy I haven't cleaned off the previous blue polka dotted nail polish. lalala.

And on a random note, I just came back from reading Candyce's blog. Apparently, she got married to Junyang in 2010 :O They're from 绝对 Superstar by the way. So sweet (((:

Oh, and last night, it was an impromptu meetup with Pat, Lings, Lily, Annie and Bryan at Scoopz and we, on the spot, decided to wish Pat "Happy Birthday" since it was her birthday when the clock stuck 12. But we failed, cause Annie failed to catch the 1, 2, 3 haha.

Today was scoopz with lil boy :D Waffle I like.

Photos of random days:

Monday's btfc carrot cake for dinner.
Wednesday's bibimbap at YIH :D
Thursday dinner for me at Cheese Prata Shop.
Today's Scoopz :D Lil boy trying to imitate me...
My Durian and his Peppermint ice cream :D
Time to sleep :D

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