Sunday, December 11, 2011

~You're Beautiful~

Watching "You're Beautiful" now because I ran out of shows to watch and I decided to give this show a second chance. I watched the first episode really long ago and I found no one I liked, so I quit after watching one episode of it.

BUT NOW I THINK ALL THE 3 GUYS ARE DAMN HANDSOME! :D Especially the guy at the bottom of the picture. Hot like mad. Super duper handsome :D And the one on the right is super nice, and the guy in the center is super cute! (: I started off liking the center guy cause he's so cuteeee and handsome, but I gradually grew to like the leader (the one at the bottom). His face is flawless :D

And y'know what? When I saw him kissing this annoying "national fairy" in the show, my heart sank!!! Really sank cause I felt sooooo sad. How can he kiss her??? )))): Hot guy kiss the devil fairy cause of the girl! )):

Don't really like the girl (the one on the left of the picture) though, cause she's damn clumsy and totally like dumb. haha! If it was some other girl I would probably feel happier when the leader and the girl come together, but this girl, noooo, dislike her.

And I'm at episode 7 now. So excited to see the leaderrrrrr. Sooo handsome.


Take back my words! The leader didn't kiss the fairy wahaha. It was just an act. YAY HAPPY MY HEART ROSE AGAIN lol!

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