Sunday, December 25, 2011

YongHwa :D

I started watching "We Got Married" for YongHwa and he's so cute and funny hohoho. My expression while watching the show is literally =D!

Christmas marks the start of a tiring week once again!!! I'm supposed to head over to meet Royalties at Church at about 1am, and we're going over to Andrew's place to celebrate and feast!

Then tomorrow there's Christmas service which I'm going w Tangtang.

At night will be Sharon's party at Pasir Ris and stayover w Xclusive at the chalet.

Monday I'm supposed to meet my TS group mates for cooking + gathering at Chester's place supposedly at 10am. I doubt I'll be able to wake up and make my way there though.

Monday evening will be spent w Lebby since he's at Malaysia now and will be flying off to Korea on Tuesday!!! ):

Tuesday there's training in school from 12-3pm. I hope I'll recover by then to go. Dinner @ Ah Loy Thai for dinner w JALJALS.

Wednesday's Kbox w Ervin and Jianhua. No idea how I'm gonna sing w this cough, but yes, praying once again that I recover soon!

Anddddd time to go off! I hate being a sick birddddd ):

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