Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why You Do This To Me?

Thanks to Tang, my heart cracked. haha, okay not that serious, maybe just a slight tear. She was so horrible she posted photos of my *ahem* idol in ahjumma hairstyle and strange outfits. I saw most of the photos yesterday, but I was still high and I really still thought he looked good with those funny hair and outfits. But somehow, the fan in me cooled down today and when I saw the photos, I went like "WHY DOESN'T HE DRESS LIKE HOW HE DOES IN THE SHOW? WITH THE BLAZER AND ALL!"

Disappointed now ): Last night I saw the photos of him in singlet and curly hair, but he looked like an angel. Today, he looks like "huh". If only he dresses likea man, I'll still think he's the best.

And evil her posted links with the caption being: "Warning to Laimeng: Click this at your own risk!"

LIKE PLEASE! I'm sure most people who read that statement will click on the links right! And yeah, those articles made my heart tear ):

Okay, I'm kidding.

Look what I've found:

All the ^^ expression except the last one. Even angry also so handsome HAHAHA! Back to being fan girl. Hooray. *living in self denial*

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