Monday, December 5, 2011

What's On My Mind?

Been thinking about the hall thing for a few days. Xavier and Ivan's persuading me to stay in Eusoff so I can play for them. As in other sports other than badminton, even though I really don't believe I can play any other sports other than badminton. So unfit now I think I'll just faint from all the trainings.

As I was saying, they keep telling me to try and stay in hall for a sem. But I've been weighing the pros and cons and so far, there is no clear answer yet. Dilemma!!!

Pros of staying in hall:
(1) It's 5 mins walk away from Arts
(2) I get to know more people before I leave school
(3) I get to enjoy hall activities
(4) Easy to go for trainings
(5) Might just be really super fun

Cons of staying in hall:
(1) Cost of staying is high
(2) I won't study cause I'll probably be playing
(3) Can't get to sleep early because trainings/rehearsals are usually in the middle of the night
(4) Me = Scared of being alone + in the dark. How to sleep?
(5) My body can't take the lack of sleep + huge amount of activities

5 V.S 5. How to decide?

And just the other day, Ying Xi asked me if I wanna stay in Raffles too. Raffles I like, but I can't hop over from Eusoff so no no, no Raffles. And I didn't realize she was using a foreign number to message me so I replied a really long message, telling her how I can't jump team and all ))):

So what other things are on my mind?

I'm gonna send my Mac for repair tomorrow. The touch pad is spoilt. So no more laptop for the week till either Thursday/?Friday. I hope I don't die of boredom.

And Derek just whatsapped to say the cake's half completed. LOL. Victoria and I baked a cake for him the other day when we met up with Royalties. And I kept saying he'll throw the cake away once he's home. Reverse psychology, that's so he won't really throw it away. So he's been good, reporting to me the progress of the cake each day. HAHA! Hey Royalties, our cake is still aliveeeee! :D

In the morning, I went to Padang to "support" Caleb for his marathon. BUT TURNED OUT, I WAS THE LAST TO REACH! By the time I reached, Caleb had already finished the race. And he was the last runner haha. But well, went for breakfast with the rest at BK (: Austen, Puden, Ben Ho, Yvonne, Reo, Shawn and Amanda. Still a happy day hee.

Then it was back to Caleb's place where he slept and I watched "Hey Girl". And couldn't finish the macaroni that his dad cooked (guiltyyy). Went over to help out for the church's gift giving with the CG (: And went with them to Macs where they had lunch and met a new friend :)

Fiction Fiction song stuck in my head.

Tomorrow I've to go to school to attend a briefing regarding Sweat Camp. But before that it's FFT for breakfast w little boy! Time to sleep again :D

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