Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wake Up Call

Still watching "WGM" and the more I watch, the more I feel that YongHwa isn't as nice! He actually didn't contact SeoHyun for a month! ONE MONTH y'know. If I was her, I probably will just hate him so much I won't want to talk to him at all. Even if it's one or two days, I'll probably bear the grudge for damn long. I don't believe he doesn't even have a minute to spare to send a message. Say what "Trying to make her miss him, playing hard to get". PUI! All excuses!!!!!! Btw, that was also what happened to Jk and I which caused the "hatred" in me to build up. Though I'm totally okay now, no more hatred, but still.

Seriously, while you're eating lunch, you can't even spare a minute to send a message. That's impossible to me. And I strongly believe that it's due to the lack of importance that causes the neglect. I'm someone who bears grudges so if you make me angry, I'll remember it for life! 

And so I conclude, I might be better off alone, just spending my days watching lots and lots of shows! (:

Anyway, today I stupidly went for training in school only to find out there were only 3 people. Couldn't even play a proper match, and it ended after an hour! >:( So I came back to tpy and decided to buy milk from ntuc. And I walked the stairs to my house instead of taking the lift w the milk that I bought. Shagged max when I finally reached home.

Yesterday was Kbox w Ervin and Jianhua. I've videos of them singing. They're pretty good singers, but lazy to upload them. Had Durian Puffs and Fat Boy's Wimpy Burger + Macadamia Milkshake, before heading for Katong Laksa (: Food overload! And Ervin was heading to Braddell after that, so I hitched a ride back home, yay.


New high score. Haven't played for quite some time.

Bedok bcm on a random night (:

We were trying to figure out what the words meant, but to no avail.

Millenia Walk Ramen w the Chem Engine peeps. This is my ramen without spring onions (:

Lebby's one w lots of spring onion.

The rest who stayed and drank ordered 2 huge tubes of beer!!!

Ardent's Breakfast.

WORST BREAKFAST EVER!!! The Sauteed Mushrooms were chao ta and SALTY LIKE MAD!!! Smoked Salmon, Sausage and Rosti tasted normal but the scrambled eggs were MAD SALTY too! DO NOT GO THERE FOR BREAKFAST EVER!!!

Blueberry Peanut Butter Pancakes which was really bad too! The pancakes were so thick, they were thicker than bread. And the filling inside was pathetic. HORRIBLE!!

Long-queue Lavendar bcm after Sweat Camp (:

Xclusive w/o Engkwan who went late.

Mafia (:

Mafia (: Notice Shirley's eyes? #foreverclosed

At Chester's place where they cooked. I went late because I was at the chalet (:

Lots of yummy food (:


Jue Ying, Chester, Ruo Lan, Soe (:

I was the last bowler and I was really good at it! I had FIVE-BAGGER which is 5 strikes in a row! Awesome or what. Damn good at Kinect bowling!

My high score: 215.

Banana Chocolate Prata at City Square Food Court.

Lebby bought me a pink keypad cover :D

Astons w ALJS. 

Yay, back to my show. I hate bidding! ): I'm supposed to bid for MNO2302 w Austen, but because I took MNO1001X instead of MNO1001, I can't bid for it. Annoyed max, now must go appeal!!! >:(

Okay, back to my show for real.

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