Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today's sad because I sprained my right thumb and it's seriously so inconvenient!! I had to cook Maggie just now and I had to cook it with my left hand. How pro uh. And then I held the chopstick like a stick lol. I don't know why I didn't use a fork instead but yeah, difficult x 10000.

Then bathing was a problem too. Tortureeeee. So maybe you'll be interested to find out how I sprained my thumb...

I was watching my favorite 2pm show. I finished it by the way. Wooyoung love x 10000 (: He got more and more good looking towards the last few episodes, I just kept starring at him throughout the show.

Oh I digressed. Yeah, so I was watching my show and I randomly wanted to adjust my position. So I placed both my thumbs on the chair, and pushed myself up. AND IT JUST HAPPENED ): One thumb slipped so my entire body weight went to my right thumb and yeah, painful to the maxxxxxxx.

I've been told not to update with really long posts because if I do so, you won't be able to see the previous posts. So warning warning first, I'm gonna update with a long post soon (with all the photos!) so please read this read this. LOL. Not like it helps but yeah, READ!!!!!!!!

Poor finger ):

Time to sleep. Thumb to sleep.

Oh, I was a lil bored. And I saw facebook, one of my SOTA student uploaded her own cover of a song. So I went to watch it and it sort of linked me to Connie (the little girl in the video) and I started listening to all her 46 songs. She's so prettyyyyy.

Okay. Bye :D

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