Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Layout :D

YESSSS, I finally changed my blogskin! (: Have been wanting to change it since forever but really had no time! It took me half the day to do it, so please say it's niceeeee!!! 

It was quite a torture doing up the blog because there's a new format for it and I decided to try customization. Wanted to do it the usual way with the html and all but it's either my mac isn't compatible with the html or the blogskins are problematic, I can't seem to download any single html codes to edit them. So I gave up and used the new blogger app to design my own blogskin (:

Did the photos ten million times cause of the measurements and all. No more group photos, it's all me, me and more me. lol. And okay, there's Pooh. Tangtang's Pooh is on my blog banner. There's also the "Older Posts" tab to click on so you can read the archives even if my blog post is so long, there's only one post per page. So yay to Amberlily, who won't miss out any blog posts in future (:

This past week was fun. Eating, meeting up with friends, staying over. Love this carefree life ttm (: And no worries, there isn't any Jang Geun Suk in this post. Y'all must be bored of him, I know! And I was watching "Mary stayed out all night" (stupid name I feel) and after an episode, I gave up because I couldn't stand him w his Ahjumma's hair even though his face is so cuteee. 

Alright, Tuesday I packed my wardrobe. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.

Hoho, this is only about 3/4 of all my clothes.

Wednesday there was training in school. Muscle still aching, both from training and clubbing and bowling I think. Lebby sent me to school before he went to GSK to collect his stuff. Then after my training, we went for CAKES at Sunset Way (:

Chocolate Chip Crepe Cake. $7. Expensive but it's tough work.

Blueberry Cheesecake (:

Trying to do the ^^ expression!

HAHA! Lebby w the failed ^^ face.

Gongcha at Novena! Had to go to Novena to collect the Scoopz vouchers (:

And we saw a rainbow (:

Dinner was at Whampoa. And this is horrible. It's Pan Fried Bao. Thick like mad!!! Don't ever eat this! Guo Tie is a thousand times more yummy!

The famous Fried Oyster which is ridiculously small. $5 but the amount they gave was $2 portion. Bedok 85 beat this hands down!

Famous Rojak too. Toa Payoh's one is nicer still (:

Painted my nails in dim light and it looked nice. But no the actual color turned out to be baby/sky blue.

Red Velvet Cupcakes in the making!!! (: 

So cuteeee right? (:

Cream Cheese Frosting!

Esther (Caleb's sister) helped too! (:

lol. CUI.

And the cupcakes stained the teeth!

Brought home 14 cupcakes while Lebby kept 12 (:

Thankfully the cupcakes turned out good. We didn't put in exact amount of quite a lot of ingredients because we didn't have enough. And initially, Lebby thought that a block of butter = 2 cups of butter. He only realized halfway through that a block of butter is actually 1 cup instead of 2! So at the last step, we stirred in additional butter into the mixture when it was supposed to be done at the first step. haha, but no worries, it's still edible (:

Went to support Jimmy for SIM pageant at Zouk (: He got Mr Popular, Mr Paul Mitchell and 3rd overall.

Sitting outside Zouk waiting for the right group of people lol.


Gabbyhammie (:
My frozen cupcakes (:

Met Booza on Friday and at first, only Jieying, Austen, Caleb and I were there. So we decided to have dinner at Seah Im. And Lebby tried the "Iron Plate" stall which looked really good. But nooo, it turned out to be really bad.

Googled for Seah Im and Thaksin Beef Noodles came up. So I had it. Not too bad, but I ordered the $4 and it isn't enough at all.

Ah Cai and Aussiejavacoast.

Chock and Lebby who loves to stick out his tongue.

And stick out tongue again. Like Se Pek Pek.

And his tongue got stuck there forever. haha.



Dessert at Honeymoon Desserts. Mango Pudding w milk.

Snow White I think. There's Atap Chee, Mango, tasteless tadpoles, Bananas and dried Longans. 

Us @ Honeymoon (:
I think the last time I played bowling was in Sec 1.

Purple ball which is 9! :D

We played 2 rounds. For the first round, Ah Cai had 30 points overall while I had ard 53 points. BUT for the 2nd round, both of us had strikes (:

The pro lift leg posture.


haha, I learnt not to bowl but ROLL the ball. Means I don't swing the ball haha!

Daddy Chock's going for exchange already!!

My 101 high scoreeeee :D

Caleb was sad because for the 1st round, he was the top scorer (137!) but for the second round, he was the second last. haha.

Top scorer for 2nd round! Chock w 160 points.

1st round top scorers: 1st place - Caleb, 2nd place - Chock, 3rd place - Dave.

2nd round top scorers: 1st place - Chock, 2nd place: ME, 3rd place: Jieying!


And yay, supper w Lebby after bowling! Whampoa Hokkien Mee I LIKEEEE! (:

Last night was Timbre w JALJALS!!!!! The photos are in Joyce's camera! Not uploaded yet but I can't wait for them to be uploaded (:

Then it was stayover at Tang's place (: Love the girlsssss (:

Alright, laptop's blowing air cause I've been on it the entire day. Time to let it rest (:

Sneak preview of JALJALS Timbre Christmas Gathering:

:D w my polka dotted nails (:

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