Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ms Meng Meng's Day

Hello (: 

The past few days were crazy. On Christmas at about 1am, Keenan drove over to my place w the rest to pick me up and all of us then headed over to Andrew's place. Had lots of yummy food thanks to Vics and Andrew (: Baked Macaroni, Potato Salad, Seaweed Chicken, Campbell Soup, Ham, and Cheese. Talked through the night with them before kt sent Gabby, Sasa, Vics and I home. Crashed at about 6am @.@

The next morning, I had service at 1115am. Went for service w Tang. So haps the service, it was so high (: Then it was Macs w Tang for lunch and walked around tpy before coming home.

Left house about 530pm for Sharon's party which was at the Chalet Bungalow at Pasir Ris. Met Mafia Gang and headed there together. Then it was stayover w Xclusive (: Minghan left super early cause he kept complaining he was sleepy. Played lots of games and Engkwan fetched Waikit, Mel and Hanxie home at about 5+am.

Slept till about 10plus before Caleb came and picked me up. Major lack of sleep, 2 days in a row. Lebbs drove me to Chester's place. Soe, Ruolan and Jueying were already there. When I reached, I was just in time for lunch (: They prepared Spaghetti, Nuggets, Chicken, Ham, Bacon, and Omelette. His mother brought out Salad while the dad brought out Beef Stew and Bread too. Food overload.

Then it was Kinect before we left the place at about 430pm. Met Lebbs at tpy after that. The whole journey to tpy I was sleeping! Thank God there was a seat for me. The two of us then took the shuttle bus to City Square Mall where we had Hot Star large crispy chicken meal and Banana Chocolate Prata (: Bused back to tpy and it was finally home sweet home!!

Skipped training today because I decided I was still sick, and I was so tired. Met ALJS for dinner supposedly at Ah Loy. But Ah Loy was closeddddd!!! ): So we walked back to Iluma where we had Astons instead. Why no Ah Loy? Why why why? ):

Lebby's away in Korea and is only coming back on 2nd. *sings* "I'm a loner"

I wish time will pass fast while he's away. No money, no honey. No Lebby, no happy.

Alright, pom pom time. 

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