Friday, December 30, 2011

Love Light

I just finished watching all 51 episodes of WGM. Yes 51 episodes. I've been spamming every single day. The last episode where they had to separate was so sad I cried... it was like a breakup y'know. So sad )':

And the things they do for each other, were soooo sweet. Helium balloons in the boot w flowers + letter + a pink guitar, a storybook about their story, playing the guitar and singing a song and so many other things. Things that will happen in fairytales!

So sweet, yet so sad at the end ):

Heart melted so many times during the show... and now that it's over, it was so heart-breaking!!!

So going to bed tonight w a heavy heart due to the show ): On a happier note, it's gonna be spamming of heart strings tomorrow onwards. 

Today was a stay-home-watch-shows-all-day-long day. I swept the floor so that mummy wouldn't nag at me for being on the laptop all day. And randomly decided to do 70 sit-ups. That's basically all I did today.

Oh, and I cut my own fringe again. I really envy those girls who are really pretty because they get to have center parting or basically have no fringe but still look so pretty and nice. I've to keep cutting my fringe whenever it grows slightly longer to prevent myself from looking like crap ): Why oh why? ):

And oh yeah, I've been eating hello pandas at home. Eating and watching shows, like a pig.

That's the YongSeo couple (:

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