Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm finally back from Sweat Camp!!! It was a horrible three days for me and being sick for the entire camp isn't fun at all. I felt lethargic all the while and really felt like crap especially for the 1st night and 2nd day! It started with a slight sore throat which evolved to a flu during night cycling!!! And transformed eventually to a bad cough now )): 

The first day we had ball games. Captains Ball + Frisbee + Handball + Tchoukball. Our team had only 3 girls and we 3 girls had to play all the games. There are 3 matches for each game, so 3 x 4 = 12 games for the entire day. Shagged max. Concluded I can't play Tchoukball cause my aiming sucks ttm. But Captains Ball is good (:

Night cycling for the 1st night. From ECP to Kallang to Woodleigh back to ECP. Only reached back in school at about 5am!!! Had to walk to RH to bathe and concussed till 10am. 

2nd day was ruined because of the rain. We were supposed to go for Paintball but Turf City was flooded, so we played station games in school. Punishment tasks for us while the 'winners' went through scribal council. The funny thing is, the PD was saying how the punishment tasks are "Shagged to the max", but it turned out to be picking up the jigsaw puzzles while having our legs tied together in a row, and then fixing them together. 100-piece jigsaw, we finished really fast. And our reactions were, "Very SHAGGED meh?"

Bathed and walked over to Cheers and bought Chilli Crab Maggie + Biscuits. Then I learnt something I didn't know before! You can get a flu that's so bad you can't smell anything and you can't taste anything at all. I took a bite into the Chilli Crab Noodles and they tasted like plain noodles without any soup/sauce. And I can't even taste the spiciness at all since they tasted like plain noodles. That was how bad my flu/blocked nose was. Seriously, no sense of smell and taste!!!

Slept early and today, we went for Dragonboat at Kallang Water Sports Centre. Saw Jonathon and Saf there who happened to be the instructors. Then it rained really heavily so we couldn't go for Running Man. Waited for 6 hours for nothing. Walk here, walk there and in the end, nothing happened. Anyway, glad that camp's over and I told myself not to join any more camps ever in my life!!!

Now to the JALJALS photos! (:

The theme is, "Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, what's the color of your team?"

The girls who wore Blue that day. Shunli looks white, but she insisted her skirt is blue, so this is the blue team.

Pat: Green team. Joyce and I: Red Team. Joyce cheated too, she only wore a cardi that was red.


Shunli, the drinker, ordered 3 pints of Erdinger since it was Happy Hour. She drank 2 and a half cup lol.

Food!!! (:
Red like mad after all the drinking.

Tang who can't pout!

Trying to do some 'flirty' pose.

The Annie's pose (:


HAHA! *laugh at Annie*

Our gift exchange!!! (:



The rest started laughing because the entire Timbre was staring at us taking photos, so they looked blur LOL.

Snow White I think.

YAY!!!! Christmas with Love :D
Time to catch up on my sleep!!! (:

Cough Cough Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day!

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