Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm A Fan Girl ^^

I finished watching "You're Beautiful" and am officially a fan of the leader :D It was so fanish to the extent I wanted join his fanclub!!! lol *blush* I went to research on him and went to his official page. But sad to say, it's all in Korean and I understand nothing at all. I can't read his blog unless I join the fan club, and I went to click on join. And TADAH, all in Korean, can't even fill it up. What a joke. So I gave up. Not that I'll understand the words, I really wanted to see photos of him. Must be super cute and handsome heeee. 

And while I'm at Jang Kuen-Suk's home page (that's the leader), I'm also listening to FT Island's songs haha! Hongki (who acted as Jeremy) is the lead singer. Actually, out of all the songs that I've listened to, he sang about 95% of it. The rest will be guitaring, drumming, or basing? He's the only one singing most of the time and the one who keeps appearing in the MV. Same age as me so talented!!! (:

Y'all must be bored now that I'm ranting on and on about my new-found idols. But yeah, I'm a FAN GIRL!! haha, I suddenly feel like a Victoria :P 

Anyway, Yonghwa (Shin Woo in the show) is damn awesome too! He's part of CN Blue and the lead singer too I think. The show is filled with talented people y'know. 

But my biggest love now, other than Caleb (hahaha! later he jealous), is the leader. I kept melting when I watched the show ((: Every single time he does something cute or when he smiles, I'll go aww and melt in my chair!!! SUPER CUTE!!! Unbeatable. 

Unfortunately, Tang and Annie both told me he's very gay and girlish in real life. So my perfect image of him is goneeee (inserts glass breaking sound). Why doesn't he be like the guy in the show? It's perfect!

Okaaayyy, enough of being fan girl (: 

Last night, I was hardworking and I went running with Lebby at Punggol Park (: haha, actually I gave up after running for 8 minutes. My stamina is damn cui now, I wonder how I managed to run 11:21 for 2.4 in the past. 11 minutes, 21 seconds y'know. Now run 8 minutes giddy like mad. So I walked for the rest of the journey. Weak mindset tooooo. Cuiiiii.

After running, we had supper at Jalan Kayu. haha, I think the distance I ran isn't sufficient to cover the prata that we ate, but yayyy for supper (:

Today's slack day, stayed at home and be a little fan girl :D

2 + 2 photos for this post:

Cooked dinner w Lebby on Saturday (: Slightly uncooked beans, Slightly uncooked beans omelette, Instant Laksa La Mian, and tomatoes haha! Cooking session fail.

Visited Grandma on Sunday (((:


Seeeeee, hair up still so handsome! :DDDD
I get high when he smiles (: I can't find a photo of him with the closed mouth smile. The eyes go ^^ kind. SUPER CUTEEEEE! :D

Okay, shall still have this perfect image of him in my mind cause I can't find any photo of him looking girlish or gay, so yayyyyy (:

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