Friday, December 9, 2011

Long Time No See!

Hey all,
My mac is back from repair! (: In fact it was back yesterday, but I was lazy to blog cause I've been catching up on blogs (as in reading blogs). Plus, I went for a haircut so very nice Lebby collected it for me and passed it to me at night, so no time.

There were so many photos to be blogged about, so I compiled them together using some Iphone app. So now that they're lumped together, the blog post wouldn't be insanely long (:

Have I mentioned this? I think Wooyoung is damn cute hee. Wooyoung is this guy from 2pm. Just now I was listening to an IU song (IU is a Korean singer, 18-year-old super pretty and cute girl!) and somehow it led to dream high and it led to more Wooyoungs :D By the way, if you're feeling sad or bored, watch "2pm show"! :D It's good, and entertaining and Wooyoung is cute once again.

I'm not exactly considered a Kpop fan right, just like some songs and some people here and there yayyy. Happiness. I love holidays. Sit at home, do nothing, watch shows, listen to songs and feel happy :D

I've been meeting up with people and doing stuff too. Lazy to list out everything, so the photos will do everything! :D

On 28th November, I went to Waraku w Lebby for lunch after his paper! The student's meal cost $6.90++ if I'm not wrong. Or it might be $7.90++ I can't remember. But it's good and happy (:

Then while I was writing my cheat sheet until I wanna die, Lebby bought egg tarts and koi for my family and I!!! And the top left photo shows the things I bought for him :D Lychee Porky, Purple Bear biscuits and Calbury Chocolates!

New berms that he got from Topshop. This was on 1st December after my MNO paper! (: Ion shopping and lunch at 4 fingers!!! 4 fingers is damn good!!! Try try try too! (:

After shopping at Ion, we walked to Somerset and decided to walk back to Toa Payoh from Somerset. And yes, we did. From Somerset to Toa Payoh. Stopped by Newton Food Centre on the way for dinner! Sambal Kangkong + Hor Fun :D The next day, we went to Whampoa Hawker for lunch. Middle row: my famous duck rice + Lebby's Western food. Then Tau huey and Soya bean for dessert (:

Victoria and I baked a cake for Derek. The cake supposedly says "Happy 20 Derek" because Vics was doing the chocolate and ended up there wasn't enough space for the th for 20. But anyway, it got messed up on our way to J8 so cui...

We had dinner at Kazokutei :D Food was goooood! It isn't that expensive too! The top photo is Udon in Cream Sauce that Vics ordered. On the left is Omelette rice + Prawn Tempura + Pork Cutlet with Corn Soup that Gabby ordered. The one on the right is Waygu set that Andrew ordered.

The one on the top right is what I've ordered. Udon + Soba + Kakiage + Prawn Tempura :D Photos w Royalties too!!!

Food for Thought for breakfast w Lebby!!! :D Loveeee the food and there are new pancakes! This time we ordered the banana chocolate pancake, which turns out similar to the milk chocolate one with bananas! :D

Girls meet up!!! Loveeee the useful tree :D

6th December 2011. Korean BBQ at Crystal Jade Korean BBQ which was located at Center Point. Ate like mad and this time, I wasn't full at all when I stopped! Lebby was exploding and I just got sick of the meat!

Pro Lemmy cooking with her sprained thumb. 

New Skater Dress :D

Haircut with Tang :D Actually she got a hair cut, I got my fringe trimmed. And Darwin was practising blow drying on my hair and my hair got stuck. Then Roy (his teacher) tried to save me but to no avail. So he snapped off some loose strands of my hair. It was so painful I cried for 20 seconds. Didn't mean to cry but my tears somehow fall involuntarily and gave them a shock while Tang just kept laughing away. 

Heeheeheeheehee. My new desktop photo Wheeeee :D When my lappy came back, it was screenless, and I couldn't find my previous one of Nickhun and a little boy, so I put Wooyoung's big face as my new photo!!! :D

HAHA Fatty Meow Meow so cuteeee ^^

And yay, mummy forgave me today. She asked me if I was gonna dine at home and I sort of whined and said she doesn't want to talk to me. Which created more nags and all, but yayyyy all was good because she asked if I wanted soup and I just kept trying to appease and talk to her. So all's goooood. Thought she's still a little cold, but she isn't angry anymore.

Life is good once again :D

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