Saturday, November 26, 2011

MNO The Horror :O

I think I've only attended 3 or 3 and a half lectures (I left halfway for one) of MNO out of the 12 lectures. This is a horrible sign because when I look at the past year questions, they produce this alienating effect. It's so unfamiliar, so out-of-the-world.

HELP. I have to watch the so many webcasts which are oh-am-gee boring x 100000. And we're allowed to bring in 4 pages of notes. Like F-O-U-R 4. I don't even know if I can write so much to bring in for the exam. GHM!!!

12 lectures x 2 hours each. That's a day. Wowwwww. 24 hours of listening. I think I'll die yay. I don't wanna dapao this module. It's like stupid. I want to S/U it but I have to at least pass it to S/U it ):

And daddy keep asking me to bathe. I hate bathing. Laziness x 10000.

Back after bathing. Daddy killed the cockroach just now Hoooraayyy :D

On a random note, exams creates pimples and bad complexion.

Can't multi-task. I'm listening to the webcast and typing this at the same time. So I can't remember what I wanted to type. Soooo, photos!

Soe, one of my group mate for TS (: Soe's very funny. She's not Singaporean, so she always doesn't understand dialectic words. So one day, Chester said something like, "Simi something" and she replied, "Simi is Singapore's Siri?" LOL!

She acted as my bro in the first scene before she acted as Mother Courage in the second scene (:

Jolyn (Mother Courage + Sergeant), Soe (Eiliff + Mother Courage), Jue Ying (crew member)

Hui Lin (Army Recruiter + Chaplain)

Ruolan (Kattrin, the mute girl)

Chester (Sergeant + Colonel)

The pillow is supposed Swiss Cheese's (me) corpse.

At Ghim Moh Coffeeshop (:

De Burg.

Beef-Bacon Burger. Not bad (:

Beef-Mushroom Burger.


Songminghan who has never eaten Yong Tau Foo before in his life.



Eng Kwan. All of us were studying at SIM during a random day during recess week.

Caleb gave me a really early Christmas present :D So many people have commented about my bag! Good comments.

Satay Beehoon from BTFC. It's quite famous. Not that bad, but I always feel gelat after eating about half of the Satay Beehoon.

Hong Lim Food Centre famous Curry Noodles!

Quite yummy Curry Noodles (: You'll have to queue for this.

Western Food from Clementi Hawker. Good.

The Beef Steak is goooood!!! :D

Baskin Robbins!!! (: Love the strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

Random shot that Caleb took while I was studying.

House Visit from Lebby! :D

This is what I do instead of studying.

And this too.

Tried this other Carrot Cake stall from BTFC and both of us still prefer Seng Kee even though it's supposedly the less famous one.

Sleepy now even though I napped for an hour in the evening. Webcasts have this special hypnotizing power. Induces sleep hohoho.

Last paper left on 1 December. I can't wait for that day to come!!!!!!!!

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