Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm A Food Blogger!

I want to be a famous food blogger so there will be people inviting me to their cafes/restaurants/coffee shops to try their food. I'll then give reviews and promote for them. Wahaha. #thinktoomuch

Exam stress. Made me. Crazy.
Just now while studying I was really depressed. After the paper, I felt like killing my brains. Somehow it doesn't work when there's time constraint. Mcgee (this new lecturer in our school who has somehow became very famous due to his crazy amount of assignments + questions for exams!) set 13 questions for a 2 hour paper. Rushed like mad but couldn't finish doing. And due to the tight timing, my brain failed to think fast enough and died ):
Anyway, I'm here to blog because it's stress releasing and I've tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to study for my next paper. BUT for the next next paper I've only a day. Hosay, say goodbye to TS.
Oh as I was saying, I really want to try a lot a lot a lot of food everywhere! (:

And I want a skater dress!!! Since forever! Plus nice tops!!! I just saw a nice top and nice dress from this blog shop that's gonna launch tomorrow! Buttttttttt blog shops are expensive ): 
Alright, onto my food bloggggg post:

At Lily's favorite place, Xin Wang!

Tang insisted on showing us this expression. She said she practised this in front of the mirror for very long LOL.

The supposedly "better" version.

This is better I feel.

Udders' waffle + ice cream. Nua nua one I don't like.

Little boy likes it though.

Guo Tie from You Peng. This is from Beauty World Plaza. The top level there's this hawker. This stall sells yummy xlbs too! (:

One random day, I forgot to bring my wallet to school. But thank God, there was a random ttm $1.50 in my bag. I asked the uncle, "BTC?" and the uncle just kept smiling at me. So I asked again, "BTC how much?" And he still kept smiling and refused to answer! So I asked again, and he finally replied by sticking out his index finger. So I asked him "$1" and yeah, he just kept smiling and I just threw in $1. BUT tadah!!!! The ticket actually cost $1.10! And I concluded he probably doesn't understand English. lol. It didn't occur to me at that time though.

Dessert from Lor 7 Toa Payoh. Chendol + Mango Nata.

lol. Random big face of boyboy.

Telok Blangah Crescent! Boneless Chicken Wings ($1.20 each) and Chicken Feet. The chicken wings are gooood! :D It's a stall that sells beehoon and porridge. Quite famous stall! (:

Char Kway Teow from Telok Blangah too. The stall is super clean and there's only an uncle cooking in his really clean stall.

Gong Cha with Xiaogui and Michelle. 

Bak Chor Mee Sua at Toa Payoh Lor 5 (:

Super extremely long-queue Fried Fish Bee Hoon at Maxwell Food Court. It's good BUT I don't think it's worth the > half an hour wait.

Porridge stall which is right opposite the Fish Soup stall. Super long queue too! This porridge is blended so well it's like you don't eat it, you drink it.

We went back to Maxwell for dinner again! Vegetable Fried thingy. Quite yummy, it tastes like popiah (:

And Ngoh Hiang. There are 2 stalls from Maxwell that's famous for their Ngoh Niang. We tried the one that says China street I think.

Red Bean Pancake from Santo at Maxwell Food Court too (: Yummy yummy!

Lebby brought me to this shop along the shophouses for egg tart! (: Hot from the oven!

Dapao-ed home 2 Char Siew Sou and Egg Tarts for my parents (:

Raining so heavily in school, there was a waterfall in school! Damnnnnn cool.

And the entire TS room was flooded. We were busy saving things here and there.

Dim Sum breakfast at Geylang East again (: Only opened on Weekends! Chicken Feet which was not too bad.

Chee Cheong Fun which is da besttttt :D

Yam Puff (:

Shark's Fin Har Gou? Can't taste the shark's fin at all.

Yummy yummy Siew Mai ((:

Nice Mango Prawn and some strange Ngoh Hiang Chicken.

永和豆浆油条大王 at Geylang! (: The 豆浆油条 is really very good! (: Mee Sua's the taiwan kind, not with oysters, but with intestines.

Tried the meat ball. We had this in Taiwan and I thought it would be yummy, but nooooo, this is all flour!!!!

Loveeeee. Gelare Chocolate Chip Waffle :D

Gonna watch Tin Tin with Tin Tin Popcorn + Iced Milo.

The noodles at AMK that IeatIshootIpost gives 4.75/5. The highest under Bak Chor Mee. Lebby loves this, but I don't really fancy it because the noodles soft and it's not the usual vinegarish bcm!

Someone from my TS group asked us to draw our palms and sign on it. I acted as Swiss Cheese and Yvette (: As you can see, my last finger's crooked. And I'm bored this way.

Our WAGON!! :D 

My group's awesomeeee (:

We were gonna start rehearsing when the Starbucks staff came to ask us to go for some coffee tasting + food tasting. Got scammed!!! We went there for some presentation (their presentation skills fail) and had ESPRESSO (bitter like bitter gourd!!!) and more more more espresso.

They gave us ginger bread man to go with the bitttter espresso.  And there was the question and answer session which I won 2 more ginger bread men which I gave away lol

Thought my score was high enough, BUT IVAN JUST BEAT ME AGAIN! ): And I think his friend's high score is 7m. Madnessssss.

Yay, time for bed and tomorrow it'll be mugging mood again! (: 

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