Sunday, November 13, 2011

The IJ Spirit's Living On

Hello. I'm supposed to be studying (as usual) but I've been facebooking and I realized, IJ friends really are the ones who will stay with you no matter what.

I really thank God for them. They are always so encouraging whenever I feel really down.

Today, I had to reach school at 8am because my TS rehearsal starts at 0830am. Had to wake up at 6 plus to get ready. Damn omega sehhh. Then it was off to school for rehearsal. And lunch with the group mates at The Deck. But yay, thank God again, my group mates are super nice.

Side track a little. Yesterday I was feeling quite bad, flu and my whole nose was red. Then my group members insisted that I go to University Health Centre (UHC) to get "free" medicine. It was partly cause they wanted to see if there's really free medicine. But yeah, the entire group went with me to UHC to take my $1.05 worth of flu medicine. Super cute them. Okay, and they either call me "Lao Lao" or this other guy called me "Da Jie" today. So not used to all these terms, but what to do, year 3 already!

Anyway, I didn't see the doctor. I merely asked the pharmacist to prescribe some medicine for my flu (: And that was our "group outing". Nice friends I like.

Okay, so today our rehearsal was from 830-1030am! Then we had lunch. Oh I realized I've said that just now. Anyway, then it was back to the TS room for more rehearsals. So tired I swear. And then after that we realized the heavy thunderstorm formed a waterfall on the steps. So we got high and kept saying we wanna take a photo with it. But there wasn't anyone around to help us, so we couldn't!!! The entire TS room flooded so we saved the day by moving all the stuff and placing them on platforms or lifted areas. Like firemen saving the fire y'know.

Okay, rehearsed in the flood. And left for KE7 to place our props in a member's room at about 3pm. And I wanted to go home so desperately because I was really damn bloody tired. Really damn shagged. But the shuttle bus took so damn long to come. Seriously. I think I stood at the bus stop for more than half an hour!!! Wanted to burst out in tears cause of fatigue and desperation. Finally got onto the shuttle bus and took a train back to tpy from Kent Ridge station.

And I was starving so I went to buy a waffle from Cake History. The cashier kept serving other customers and she happily forgot about my waffle which was cooking. The next thing I knew, my waffle was almost chao ta. So it tasted like chao ta waffle ): Emo x 2 at that moment.

Anyway, crashed when I reached home. What a sad day I had. Back ache, legs like jelly, chao ta waffle. And now flu's back again.

Today's crybaby's crying day again.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

And special mention, I was quite touched when Waikit asked me about my leg on twitter. Like who even remembers about my leg. I mean it's really not that hard to type "your leg still pain?", but sometimes, it's really all these little care and concern that is important. Encouragement, I think that's what matters.

I just realized instead of elaborating on the "Why IJ friends are important?", it became a "OMG, WHAT A SAD DAY" post. But yeah, bye.

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