Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Will Be Still And Know You Are God

A song that I've been wanting to put up since really long ago but I kept forgetting (:

Yesterday was a bad day because webcast made me felt like puking + really giddy. Forced myself to nap for 1.5 hours and I woke up still feeling giddy. No idea why, but maybe cause the lecturer's words just kept going into my brains and my brain can't take the gigantic load of information, it got confused.

But went to meet Lebby at interchange and when I got back home, I was much better (: So I could watch a little of Mnet and do up my cheat sheet (which the lecturer insists is a summary sheet) for MNO. Only done 3 chapters and my poor fingers started cramping.

9 more chapters to go todayyyy. Hohohoho. The thought of it makes me @.@

Exams officially end tomorrow!!! Can't wait can't wait!!!


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