Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey, Got Any Grapes?

Random photo. This is what my MNO group came up with initially. We wanted this angel and devil scene (thank God we didn't do this in the end because another group from our tutorial used the same idea) and we sort of forced Mingyuan (the only guy in the group) to be the angel. So he had to wear the white skirt in the photo, which is supposedly my other friend, Hannah's tube dress.

Anyway, once again, labor assignment is killing me. This time it's 2 chapters together ): 2 chapters, 12 questions to be completed by Friday. Mega hate it that I've to keep reading the textbook (because I haven't been to the 8am lecture since forever), and just keep doing the work which is never ending. I think I can only start on the assignment on Thursday ):

And my first exam is on 19th November, that is less than 3 weeks from now. So gonna die because it's financial and I haven't read the textbook since forever too because I'm always occupied with the labor assignment. Sucksssss.

Hoho, time for bed again! Goodnight my dear fellows. lol. That's why Austen likes to say.

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