Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11 More Days!

Hey yes hey. It's 11 more days to my first paper! :O

It's stuffing day again today. Nowadays I'm always stuffing myself with food because I've a boyfriend whose hobby is eating desserts. Wahoo.

It was Lor 5 Dry Ban Mian before Lor 7 Dove Dessert. Exploding once again ): 

And today is the day I'm clearing photos again so yay, you get to see a new update. 

Have I mentioned before that my friends kept saying I smile/laugh too much? Every single time I see a friend, I'll either smile/laugh (very normal whats!) and my friends will tell me "Why are you laughing?". Like yeah, because I'm happy to see you? 

Then anyway, they kept saying I shouldn't keep laughing/smiling. Somehow I feel that some of my friends probably think I have a crush on them since I always smile super widely when I see them. But nooooo, I'm just happy to see you! 

I've been trying hard not to show too much joy when I see friends or when I'm playing badminton. It's like every time I miss a shot or do something retarded, I'll laugh. And right after that, I'll think to myself and remind myself not to smile/laugh. Such a tortureeeeee.

Ahhh well well, it's 11 more days to my first paper as I've said. Financial Econs. Bonds, options and blah blah. I'm psychoing myself everyday, telling myself I love it :D

Okay, time for photos!

Nigel + Ervin + Me in Hysen's specs.


Salted Caramel's waffle. Nice nice. It's one of the nicer waffles (:

Bugis shopping for Tang's present.

During training, Brenda whacked my racquet and it died ):

At The Daily Scoop at Sunset Way.

I think the waffle's yummy too but it's small.

At SMU doing Tang's scrapbook. LOL at the bottom right photo.


F's my favorite page because I love the clothes that I drew. hee. Inspiration from ilovelrh.com.

Chee Cheong Fun. Dim Sum at Geylang East. This Dim Sum is damn good! And it's only opened during weekends!!!

Love the Siew Mai (:

Har Gou.

Breakfast before Church on Sunday.

Fried Dumpling + Yam thingy.


Lor 5 Dry Ban Mian!



Economical Bee Hoon :D


Scary Tang!

Ah Loy w Flabbylebby.

My 2 ex racquets.

And my new Li Ning racquet :D

Gelare waffle with Maple Syrup.

Shilin potato fries.

The bottomless Nachos from Chilis! It's refillable!!!! #cheapskate

As Tang says, this is "CHIJ is our story"!


Nice x 2.

Some Naan wrap + all. So so.

Full rack ribs with yummy mashed potato and fries!!!

Honey Crispy chicken.


The bill only came up to $17/person and we were all stuffed! Really nice food they serve. As compared to Hard Rock, this is so so so so worth it!!! (: CHIJ is our story (:

O.O :P

The birthday girl. And the Chocolate Truffle Cake ($17) was yummy too. We got it from a bakery at the basement of Tanglin Mall.

Jaljals :)

Tang's ugly face again.

Retarded owl.

Her book that we did!!! :D


Then Shunli, Gabby and I went over to her place to surprise her at 12midnight (:

The photos are all jumbled up because I'm lazy and plain lazy. Anyway, off to watch tv :D

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