Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's the Color of my Team?

1. I'm blogging for no reason. No photos to upload, nothing in mind to blog about. So i'm gonna come here and practise my typing (:

2. Oh, anyway, yesterday was my record breaking day! I reached lecture half an hour late!!! :O Stunner much. I only boarded the bus at the BTC bus stop at 1150pm when my lessons were at 12pm. I think in my impression, the latest I've ever been was probably 10-15 minutes? So yeah, I broke the record yesterday! #notproudofit

3. Mummy left house without even telling me that she was leaving the house. I just realized she's not at home.

4. I've to reach school at 12pm for rehearsal. I'll be having my practical CA for Theatre Studies at 2pm. Gonna act as an old lady. Alright, not old old, like 58-year-old old. #hopeIremembermyscript

5. I attempted to command + s this draft, then I realized this isn't Microsoft Word.

7. I need to submit my report for my Reflected Best Self (RBS) tomorrow (Thursday) but I only sent out the facebook messages yesterday (Tuesday) and only 3 friends replied me ): But really thankful for those 3 of them who replied. Sharon replied the fastest, she's a camper on facebook. Ivan replied 2nd because he was persuading me to stay in Eusoff and I asked him to do it. Caleb, yeah of course he has to reply.

8. Why is the rest not replying?? ): Emo. I'm gonna have to write and crap out some stuff if they don't! ):

9. I think my hair's nice today. But I'm gonna have to bun it up and pin up my fringe for the scene later, so no more nice hair after my practical.

10. I'm still typing away at 1046am because Caleb's gonna pick me up for school and I have time to spare.

11. You think the rest will reply my facebook message?

12. No, I think they won't.

13. Talking to myself.

14. GG to assignment.

15. Shall go and get ready and stop thinking about my RBS assignment which is DUE TOMORROW :'(

16. OMG, I've to do my assignment by tonight.

17. Prays that people reply me before evening.

18. God Save Me.

19. It's my favorite number.

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