Friday, October 14, 2011

Trying Hard To Be One

Hello ((:

Long time no see. I'm finally here to blog again because I finally have the time to! (: I always admire those famous bloggers because they get so many nice clothes for free just so they can mention a few sentences about particular blog shops. But come to think of it now, I can't imagine myself blogging so often (like I used to do) cause it's so draining and tiring and time-consuming.

Main purpose of my blog is just to clear photos and put up happy photos for people to see (: 

And I stopped playing Sims Social really long ago, but my friends still keep sending me requests. I don't even bother about it now because yes, another time-consuming activity! I've been trying hard to allocate time for studying these days! #proudofmyself

Today I came to blog to thank God too (: I've 3 midterms this semester. And for all my 3 papers, I've been scoring above mean I think. Even if it's slightly above, it's still above okay. I was really super happy when I got back my paper just now during lesson (: Thank God Thank God :D

Wow, I just realized I haven't been blogging. My last post was on Thursday. It's Friday 1250am now. 1 week. 

Last week I went to be Stanley's hair model. I think he actually wanted Huishan (another girl who went overseas) cause he wanted to do the hair-up hairdo. But somehow, he asked me I don't know why so I had to do the hair-up hairdo. The air-stewardess kind of bun at the back. Then eventually, cause he was rushing through my hair and there was a hole, he took this RED FLOWER and stuck it onto my hair. Damn omega retarded seriously. The theme of his show was autumn and tadah, some red flower on my head while the rest are all dressed in dull clothing.

After that was Bedok 85 with Fatlebbs. I've super pretty photos to upload actually but I can't ): Really so tempted to upload them now but yeah, secret...

Photos :D

Happy Chef Western Food. This is also available at Lavender beside the really famous Bak Chor Mee that we queued an hour for.

Fried Mushrooms. It's tasteless, don't get deceived by this!! It's just button mushroom coated with flour.

Chicken Shranks. This is good!!! :D It's fried, and inside there's ham, chicken and loads of cheese!!! Super big portion too! (:

Cajun Chicken Chop. It was supposedly special because the sauce is slightly spicy, but no it tasted very normal. But of course it's yummy too.

Stanley who did my hair for really long. Then he failed so he passed on to another guy, and that guy just kept poking pins into my head which was damn painful, and in the end, he kept poking, kept taking out, and then he gave up. Caused me an hour of pain for nothing!!!

The make-up was done by some friend of Stanley's and she stuck on fake eyelashes for all of us. I think fake lashes are really cool!!! Makes your eyes look niceeee :D

Bedok 85 Bak Chor Mee. I think next time if you're going to Bedok 85, I would advise you to buy from the stall that isn't at the corner. I think not the red signboard one. Their soup is yummier! (: This was not too bad, but I didn't have the OMG YUMMY MAX feel when I ate this stall's bcm. This is the $3 one, they also have the small one at $2.50.

Yummy Oyster Omelette!!! $5 but it's really yummy (and salty). And if you take a close look at the side of the plate, it's write Grey (in chinese) /B. Caleb was in grey that day. So we concluded all the oyster stalls use this color + b/g to identify their customers. lol.

When we were eating, more and more ants came over cause they were asking for help to move the rice grain. lol. From 1, it became 4 ants eventually.

If you only see 1 person, you're racist.

Yeah, my friends love my center parting lol.

Some cool effect from Caleb's phone. My new profile picture haha.

Ah cai came to join me at my usual table at engine when she saw me there, and then Caleb and I went for dinner with Austen and her after their lessons (: Yummy Jap food at Techno!!!

I spent almost 3 hours doing my financial tutorial just now. It was a torture. I spent 2 hours thinking, and an hour googling answers online. I didn't manage to find the questions but I found somewhat similar ones and tried to apply to my questions.

Tomorrow there's appointment before meeting and filming in school and then dinner with LS! :D Not laosai. lol.

Do I sound like a food blogger today? Telling you my opinions about the food.

OMG I just realized I spent around $90 on shopping within 2 days. Stabbbb meeeee. :O I didn't realize :O :O :O!!!!!!!!!

Budget meals from now on!!!!!!

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