Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

Finally here to blog because my midterms finally ended today! (: Mistakes mistakes mistakes ): But still thank god for remembering most of the stuff that I've studied for!

Missed my 8am lesson (again), oh I haven't watched the webcast yet. Wednesday there's my TS practical CA. Gonna test acting ))): Hate memorizing the script!!

Last week was an eventful week. I can finally upload the photos from ten thousand years ago cause Joyce's party was last night! (: Rainbow themed party (:

Also celebrated Andrew's birthday on Saturday at Hard Rock. Boomz x a million. 

Badminton training on Thursday, and badminton on Saturday at MPCC. Rushed like mad home after badminton, some more had to buy food home for my family first, showered, chionged out to print photos and went to buy cake with Gabby before heading down to Hard Rock (:


Bedok 85 YUMMY YUMMY SOUP BAK CHOR MEE! Famous bcm I like! (:

Look what's written on the plate. I told Caleb the Auntie wrote this to stand for Sad Orange Boy Boy cause he was wearing orange hahaha.

Round Round Annie super cuteeeeee! (((:

Rainbow nails (: But I gotta remove them by Wednesday cause I'm acting as a 50-60year old lady so no more colorful nails! 

Met up with Colby for lunch on Wednesday before my school (: He intro-ed me to yummy ytf near my place (:

Colorful nails with my pink bag (:

Manhattan Fish Market Fried Platter for 2.

At Reeds Cafe (:

Colorful nails with colorful socks with colorful pen from Wk's birthday (:

Rainbow polo tee (:

Baskin Robbins today YAY! Strawberry Cheesecake is damn yummy!

NP Ytf!


Randomly decided to play Indian Poker with the photos and whoever gets Ling's photo will lose..

And guess what? She herself got it!!!! LOL.


Handmade Birthday Card. So pretty!!! (:

Happy Birthday Joyce (:

Round face. lol.

Nachos from Hard Rock Cafe! + Chicken pieces. $26.

Grilled Lemon Chicken with Spaghetti. $26.

Rock Chop which is Pork Chop that is damn like rock. $26.

Fish and Chips. $26.

Birthday Boy! (:

Royalties (:

The damage done.

Alright, it's time to sleep! Haven't printed my notes... I shall go print it before I sleep (((:


Oh, and I'm very depressed that I'm becoming uglier and uglier for some reason. Like face cui )): Alright. Bye.

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