Monday, October 17, 2011


Celebrated Mel's belated birthday at Marina Barrage yesterday! (: Engkwan was having a fever and Songminghan could only join us after his violin lessons, so no super zai camera with us that day, but I had Caleb's one (:

Met the rest and off we went to Barrage! (:

Food!!! :D Sausages with pineapples, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Seaweed Chicken (Caleb came up to my place and fried it for me lol), Old Chang Kee's Chicken Wings, Sotong, and Cheese Balls (:

Big eyes.

Han Xie looks damn funny.

We bought a carrot cake and pandan cake for Mel! lol.

Photos spamming time.

We had to switch place after 2s, and only Waikit and I ran to the other side, the other three stayed stationary so the photo became so loop-sided.

Flower theme for the girls (: I forgot to inform Sharon about the theme but yeah, she's the grass.

The guys wore cartoon tees. 

This wasn't my pose. Mel attacked me, by tickling me, so I ended up looking like this.

See the line of symmetry?

Retarded Sharon made me do this pose.

Trying to do some symmetrical photo and it ended up looking retarded.

A series of Mel flicking her hair can be found on facebook.

Our tripod for the camera!


Pregnant photo. Damn ugly.

Nuns on the run!!! Damn fun! :D

Marche for dinner!

Happy Birthday Mel Mel :D

:D :D :D

Wahoo, lots of work again this week. Like forever, seriously never ending. And 5 page report is finally due on Thursday. I haven't started at all because my group mate didn't return me my notes ): So yeahhhh, gonna do some of my other work first so I can chiong tomorrow!!!

The weather these days are crazy. I hateeeee the weatherrrrr.

And on a random note, quoting Lily:
i really didnt know that replying a text means committing suicide.

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