Friday, October 28, 2011

The Most Traumatizing Experience Ever

This was what I posted on facebook:

Epic story of today. I was bathing and I saw this gigantic mosquito flying around in the bathroom, and after a really long consideration, I decided to aim my shower head at the mosquito and kill it.
And when I did that, "PIANG!" and the lights went off, leaving me in pitch darkness. Then I realized the lightbulb exploded and there were glass shattered everywhere. Ran out from the bathroom and told Mummy the lightbulb exploded, but I didn't dare to tell her I was trying to kill a mosquito @.@

And yeah, I told my mummy I accidentally sprayed water at the lightbulb but I didn't tell her I did it to aim at the huge mosquito. Yeah, she scolded me, but I think it would be much worse if I had said I was trying to kill the mosquito.

Then I wanted to brush my teeth just now. So I was trying to take out my toothbrush from the holder. And somehow the holder flew and dropped right into the toilet bowl. Like seriously, so accurate. Anyway, I decided not to put my toothbrush back into the holder cause it's sick cause I took it out of the toilet bowl.

Scariness at its max.

But still, thank God even though the glass shattered like mad all over the bathroom, my face isn't scarred and I didn't get any cuts at all :D God Loves Me. Yay.

Okay, I know I'm damn dumb to aim the shower head at the mosquito, I just didn't think that the lightbulb will burst so easily ): No more light in the bathroom ):

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