Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food Junkie!

Warning: There are 54 photos in this blog post. It will be a long long long post! :D

I can finally upload photos because the birthdays are over and some of the photos were part of the preparation photos, so I didn't want to upload the rest of the photos too so the order won't be jumbled up! (:

Anyway, this post will be mainly on food! (:

Last week was really busy. Crazy madness. I had tonnes of school work, all the assignments and projects and assignments and projects. Wanted to die cause every single day I had to rush work so that I could join them for birthday preparation and all!!!! It's like my heart wants to meet them, but my brain is telling me not to since I've lots of work to do. But well, somehow it all turned out good thank God (:

Let's start on photos! (:

Bak Chor Mee from a coffee shop at Macpherson. Caleb and I were so hungry during the night, we went out for supper one random day for yummy bcm! (:

Shopping at Bugis for Lily's present (:

And we ended up buying clothes for ourselves. A lot.

I like my camera app! Camera 360. This photo looks like we're back in Bkk!!!

Group mates from MNO. 4 of them, I forgot to take photo of the other 2 of them.

I think this is so long ago I forgot when it was. So I can't really remember what Caleb was eating haha.

Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe with the usual tree! :D

Tpy Gang aka Usual Tree (:

Another random day when Caleb and I went to Bedok 85 (AGAIN!) to have dinner (: This is the yummy Oyster Omelette (: The stall at the corner! The previous 2 times Caleb ordered and the auntie will always write down O BB (we guess it stands for Orange Boy Boy) or other color + bb. So this time round, I went to order and that's what we got. Both of us couldn't decipher what it means.

Trying really hard to see what the lady wrote.

Happy boy boy (: Each of us had a bowl of $3 Bak Chor Mee + we shared a $5 Oyster Omelette!

Remember to get from the stall that isn't at the corner. It tastes better (: 

And another random day, we went for breakfast at Yakun (: And this auntie was selling tissue papers. It was originally 5 for $1, but when I bought it from her, she gave me an extra packet :D Maybe she likes me lol. And when I tweeted about it, my friend said he usually won't take the tissue papers and it made me sound so cheapskate! BUT tell y'all a secret, I love collecting tissue paper as much as I love collecting plastic bags (:

heehee, his usual face.

Crepe from Mache. I think I haven't told y'all about my special crepe LOL! Ordered crepe from Marche, and the guy making the crepe gave me 4 slices of ham instead of the usual 3. Sharon and Waikit noticed it and told me. LOL! Then they wanted me to order their crepe for them so they'll get extra ingredients too. haha. BUT his generosity wasn't good at all, cause it made the crepe salty like mad!!! I had to keep drinking water when I reached home!

Dinner at Ikea with Caleb (: Meatballs, Salmon Wrap + Chicken Wings.

Dessert at ABC Brickworks Hawker. Mango Ice + Chendol.

Tang used the clothes and made a rose.

Engine's Jap stall :D

Fat Cat that I like to draw these days.

Card-making session at SIM on Thursday. 


Crazy Tang hahahaha.

100+++ photos for Lily's scrapbook.

Joyce (:


On Friday, Tang and I checked in with Lily. Oh actually Annie left school early and checked in together with us too. We were supposed to meet at 230pm but the two girls were busy and somehow we only met at about 4pm. And we trusted Tang's direction sense and ended up at Changi Village instead of Pasir Ris. lol. And by the time we reached Downtown East, Annie was there too.

Checked in, did some of the deco, and went over to Downtown East for Kinect (: We played till about 1230am and went over to Macs for some supper before going back. Then we did the deco again (okay, not really we, Annie was cutting the circles and the rest of us just went mad). And we slept at about 4am.

The worst thing was, I had school at 10am the next day! @.@ But thankfully, Caleb picked me up from Aljunied and off we went home first (unforeseen circumstance) and then off to school for Yakun breakfast before my practical (:

Tang at the chalet teaching pooh how to dance.

Yakun breakfast! We were supposed to have dim sum, but due to the unforeseen circumstance, we could only make do with Yakun. Sorry Lebby!

Then it was ABC Brickworks for lunch (:

Chicken Cutlet from Wow Wow West.

Tau Suan.

And Hokkien Mee from Yi Heng I think. I still think Tpy's Tian Tian Lai Hokkien Mee is the best! (:

Then Lebby sent me to the chalet (so thankful) while I concussed in the car. Reached the chalet and did up some of the deco for Lily (:

Lion and Pooh wishing Lily happy birthday (:

Got ready after a while, and took the train all the way to Bukit Batok for Huiqi's party. Mad to travel from the east to the west (for school), back to the east to help out for deco and to the west again for huiqi's party, and back to the east again for Lily's party.

Mafia :D


hahaha. He loves taking his own photo.


Double Chin.

Jaljals + Caleb + Bryan!


Happy Birthday Lily :D

Caleb and his kopi.

My Miso Ramen! :D

Yummy Gyoza.

This is located at Orchard Point (I think). haha. At Somerset.

Took you he loves himself. haha.

Caleb's Pork Rib Soup Ramen with Pork Cutlet.

Dessert at Honeymoon Dessert. His Red Bean Soup with Chin Chow and Green Tea Ice Cream. Weird.

My Ginger Hot Milk which tasted like ginger and it sucks. lol. But Caleb loved it cause it tasted like ginger.

Habitat Coffee for lunch today! (: It's located at Thomson! Opposite Scoops :D

Cappuccino $3.90. 

Skinny Lebbs.

The Big Ben Set $12. It includes 2 mashed potato (quite yummy), a tomato, a cheese sausage, scrambled egg and ham on English muffin (which tastes like McGriddles!).

Banana Choco Pancake which tastes like bananas. The pancakes are quite inconsistent. Some are yummy, but some are so floury and thick. So, I guess it depends on your luck? This is $10.

Alright, end of photos! And it's time to sleep because it's Thursday tomorrow and my lessons start from 9am. I've one lecture + 4 tutorials! Hohohohoho

Goodnight! :D

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