Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here to blog even though it's really late. Past my bedtime.

Just now I was really sad that my friends didn't reply me for my RBS analysis report. Like really really sad. I thought they would, I really thought so.

And I found this random photo. I don't understand why the cat has no friends, but yeah no friends.

As I said, that was just now. Because God just made me realized that it was my fault for not sending out the facebook messages earlier. It was my fault for wanting friends to reply me so quickly. It was my fault for only giving them one day's grace.

So yeah, to all those friends who hasn't replied, it's okay. I finished crapping my report and yeah, you don't have to reply (:

So tonight, I learnt something new from God again. Don't be so last minute in your work so you won't end up crapping stuff out.

Thank God. I'm now a happy girl.


I just realized I've a 5-page report due on Week 8 I think. Either next week or the week after. So, people please still write for me.


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