Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Webcast with AT's are bad ):

I'm taking modules now with horrible lecturers ): Webcasting now while typing my blog post, it's my 3rd or 4th time listening to this part and I somehow hope that by blasting it in my ears, my brains will automatically store it in my head lol. I'm not exactly listening to what he's saying, but Caleb told me once that he forgot to switch off his Ipod, and the next morning he woke up with all the lyrics of the songs in his head. So tadah, blasting webcast while blogging. 3rd or 4th time already lehhh, I really hope I can remember some of the things that he's saying! *hopeful*

Last night I spent about 4 hours trying to listen to 40 minutes of his webcast. The entire webcast last for about 2 hours, so I've about another 1.5 hour to go. Tomorrow's the lecture so I've gotta finish webcasting it before tomorrow! ):

This week's hell week cause I've crazy amount of assignments due. I've Labor Assignment due on Friday (every Friday) which is insanely crazy. Every week he spams questions (SERIOUSLY!), it takes about 2-3 hours to complete them. *dislikes lecturers who are new*

Then I'm supposed to submit Financial Assignment too on Friday. And I've to complete Financial tutorial by Thursday. And I've to submit a 2-page Team Analysis Report for MNO on Thursday, and complete my TS tutorial by Thursday. Plus, I've to complete my Macro tutorial by Next Monday.

That's not all, I've to finish webcasting my Labor lecture because I ponned. 8am too lazy to wake up ): Then then then, I've to watch the multimedia clip for TS! Ohmegod, why so much work to do?

Now I'm still listening to Mr Tiong talk about financial stuff. Boring max, risky, risk-free assets.

And a random student from camp just came to "Oi" me on facebook. *ignores*

I've to finish all my work by Wednesday so that I can go for bcm and scoopz with Jaljals! (:

Today I had yummy Xiao Long Baos and Guo Ties and Zha Jiang Mian for dinner! :D

Last night I had a funny dream. Last last night I had a dream too. I somehow dreamt of Ah Tang, but I forgot what it was about... last night I can't remember if I dreamt of Desmond (one of my freshie from S house) or another random person...

Anyway, I shall just post a photo here since it looks so plain...........

Esther took this photo of me cause she loves my muscle lol.

Muscular Me

And just finished watching my webcast!!! It's 2am noww! :O Goodnight!

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