Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trying out iPhone blogger!

Hey all! I'm on bus 31 right now because I just finished playing badminton at marine parade cc! Half of the people playing there were old adults. Andy, Yann Dar, Qihui and I were youngsters.

It's gonna be a long bus ride home, I'm only at old airport road! In the morning I had tuition at 1130am which I was late for! and Caleb came and pick me up to go for lunch with Arthur and Kah Meng. Yummy bcm at lavender! The queue was omgomegalong and I think they queued for almost an hour! Crazy madness.

Now I'm going home to home. Lol. Wonder if there's anyone home. If not, then it's home alone day once again!!! So sleepy nowww.

Alright, I'll update with a proper post when I get home! About waikit's birthday and all! (:

P.S I wanted to put some strike-out words but this blogger doesn't allow me to put some symbols! ):

P.S again. I just realized the symbols aren't allowed for the labels, not the text. Hurhur.

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