Sunday, September 25, 2011


I realized there's probably no one in this world you should trust except for yourself.

I just discovered some stuff I shouldn't have. But well, not that I'm sad or angry, it just made me realize that even though some people may be really nice in front of you, you will never know what they say behind your back. Or worse, imagine some friend of yours being really nice to you in your face, but deep in their heart, they're actually cursing and swearing at you for the things that you have done.

Moral of the story, trust no one.

This is probably part of growing up. When we were young, we used to be so trusting, so innocent, so gullible. We believed everything that anyone tells us. We don't backstab. Stupid young kids. That was me. In the past. Somehow, after being hurt a thousand times having people bitch about you behind their backs, you probably learn that people aren't always truthful.

In secondary school, I woke up one day, underneath the blanket at my friend's place, hearing 2 other friends discuss about me with 2 other guys that they weren't even that close with. Bitching about me. With them. And I heard it because they thought I was asleep. I cried, of course, underneath the blanket, not knowing what to do. Am I supposed to wake up and say I've heard everything? Am I supposed to just pretend I was still asleep and wake up after that and pretend that I didn't know anything?

Eventually, I pretended I didn't know anything. I kept everything to myself about what I've heard. My 2 friends continued being nice, pretended they did not bitch about me at all. It was hurting, but there was really nothing I could do.

Yeah, of course I bitch about people behind their backs. Who doesn't? So, that's one of the reasons too why you shouldn't put too much trust on people, isn't it?

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you? Untrue.

Anyway, I came here wanting to blog about happy stuff. But somehow a discovery changed my blog post.

Alright, recess week this week.

Monday: Home, Swimming, Bible lessons.
Tuesday: Food For Thought w Caleb, NP.
Wednesday: Badminton, Filming, Appreciation Dinner.
Thursday: Home, Kbox at Teo Heng w Ervin, Jianhua and Yuzheng, Bedok 85 supper w Caleb.
Friday: NP, mission.

Lavendar bcm w Caleb, Arthur and Kah Meng that day.

As tall as Joyce with my 10cm wedges.


Customized. This is good..

Dark Chocolate with SOUR MAX cherries. Both of us prefer the milk chocolate one!

Random bored me.


S House house ICs 2011.

Bus conductor Zhenyu!

S House (:

House ICs.

I shall go and watch tv now to try to make myself feel slightly happier (:

And I also learnt something today, I have to stop complaining so much and being reliant on people in my life because I really only have myself to trust.

Q: Who will you go to when you have troubles?
A: No one, deal with it by yourself.

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