Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Semiotics, Mis-en-scene, Actors WUT?

I wanna stab myself for taking TS1101E! I should have taken some random module like another MNO because TS is killing me! I think I'm gonna get lots of wrinkles (already a lot) from the 1000-word critique. Wanted to write rubbish for it seriously, BUT I can't S/U it so I decided to write it properly.

I should have really just taken random modules from Business. No stress. I haven't been attending MNO lectures because I just don't feel like. 

Critique sucks. And I've my 1-pager for MNO which I intend to write rubbish for. Critique, why you no write by yourself? ):

I want to relax and watch movies on my laptop, watch tv, play games and all but I can't! ): And I haven't started studying for 3102 midterms which is on Monday!!! ): Haven't started at all omggg, stabs myself for blogging when I should be typing.

Ohmygod, the 10pm news just ended... so it's 1030pm now and I've to sleep soon because there's lessons at 9am tomorrow and it's gonna be a long day with training from 8-10pm.

Save me!!!! GHM GHM GHM!!!! *desperate*

Oh, and today Kalab treated me to Manhattan Fish Market cause he bought the groupon from Groupon. Fried Platter for 2 (: Thank you Kalab! :D


Critiqueeeee ))):

And random quotes I saw from twitter:
Friends can call  in the middle of the night with some kind of problem and he/she will console you in the best way possible.
 can keep secrets, so this is someone you can tell about you fears and insecurities.

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