Sunday, September 11, 2011


It has been a copy kopi-ing sem for me so far. I've friends who are so good at finding the solutions to assignments, I've been benefiting a lot from them. But now, as I look at the solutions, I have no idea what they're trying to say.. so I get bored of reading the things I don't understand, so I'm lazy to kopi, and so I'm blogging (: Cause and effect? When P implies Q...

As I've mentioned, last week was hell week. Lots of crazy amount of assignments due but somehow, somehow, it's over. Then now the whole week of hell begins again! ): Assignments assignments and more assignments! Why are there so many assignments this sem???

After this coming week, it will be recess week and then there will be lots of studying and work to be done for recess week. #sadlifeofastudent

Let's seeeee, Wednesday was Jaljals dinner! :D The convos were so funny, I felt super happy the entire time! Such a pity Annie couldn't make it! Our topic was epic, seriously. Laughed like mad and had lotsa fun... and when I get home, it's crazy chionging of report! But thank God I finished it around 12 or 1am and managed to have about 6plus hours of sleep before crazy day on Thursday (:

Friday I met up with Songminghan, Engkwan and Hanxie to get Waikit's present. He already knows cause he came down to choose a few of the watches for us to choose from. He requested for a fossil watch so we went to 313 @ somerset.

Then the four of us went to Marche for dinner and to pass time even though stupid Songminghan kept saying he's a mugger and he needs to go back to mugggg. Played this dice game which was purely based on luck. And for the 1st round, I was unlucky max! When the entire game ended, I had 0 points lol. So they started saying, "like a laimeng" whenever they got zero for any round. 

Anthony came over to join us after he finished his lessons I think, and he won the last round. Then Ek and I walked over to TheatreWorks at Mohamad Sultan Road for our play. Confusing max play, I was stoning halfway through cause it was somewhat a little hard to understand. Then Hysen drove and dropped me at somerset and I went over to Qiyang's place, I already blogged about that..

In love with this song now...

In your unending love, in your unending love...

Alright, and now outdated photos!

Ownage (: But now I'm getting owned lol.

One of our MNO tutorial was to design a structure with 20 straws and masking tape. And when an egg is dropped from a damn high height, it should be able to support the egg.

Our heavily masked structure (:

One random day Caleb came over to my place and Mummy cooked Bak Kut Teh (:

heehee, own Seb too! (:

Christel gave me this teachers' day present :D

Yummy food at a secret place.

Ramen Champion Ramen. Caleb loves this to bits, but I think it's too salty!!!

Unyummy ramen.

Desserts at Ah Chew (:
The dice game that Ek bought on Friday.

And Marche's crepes are pretty yummy, but they're really expensive! $13.90..

Oh, and yesterday I had a nice nice nice dream, I woke up so happy and went for service happily!!! :D Love happy dreams! (:

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